Business Mentors in Worcestershire

Whether you’re based in the busy city of Worcester, or the surrounding towns and villages, our team of experienced mentors and coaches is dedicated to helping you unlock your potential and help your business thrive and grow.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that present themselves in Worcestershire. Our mentors and coaches are well-versed in guiding enterprises across various industries and have a broad knowledge of the local business landscape.

Nigel Browne

Nigel Browne

Hi, I’m Nigel Browne. When you’re running a business, it can be tough finding time to focus on the big picture. The day-to-day demands of the job can make it almost impossible to keep up with this ever-changing business environment.

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Local expertise

UKBM is the ideal choice for local entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses. We have extensive experience working with businesses in Worcestershire and have a deep understanding of the local area, whether you are in Evesham, Kidderminster or Droitwich Spa.

Tailored guidance for established businesses

If you are an established business and are ready to take the next step in growing your business, we can help you.

We specialise in assisting established businesses with our coaching and mentoring programmes, customised to meet the individual needs of individual organisations. By tailoring programmes to you, we can ensure you receive the best and most relevant advice to suit your business.

Business landscape in Worcestershire

Similar to the beautiful Malvern Hills, the county has a varied business landscape, not far from the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham. The total number of registered companies in Worcestershire is 68,843 of which:

  • 59,037 are small businesses with 0-5 employees
  • 8,835 companies are medium-sized businesses with 5-50 employees
  • 971 companies with at least 50 employees

The rural landscape lends itself to small and micro businesses, yet the town of Worcester has developed some incredible, internationally recognised businesses.

Renowned businesses

Historically, Worcestershire was known for agricultural activities, predominantly farming fruit in the Vale of Evesham, however, that has since declined. Now, the county is known for a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Lea & Perrins: The maker of Worcestershire Sauce started in Worcester in 1837. Since then it has been owned by a variety of food corporations, but the famous sauce is still produced in Midland Road in Worcester.
  • Morgan Motor Company: A British sports car brand which originated in the town of Malvern and is famed for building all their cars by hand. Morgon only produces around 850 cars per year for this reason.
  • Royal Worcester: Another brand of international renown from Worcester, this porcelain maker has been established since 1751. They produced intricate porcelain designs at Warmstry House for many years and the site is now the Museum of Royal Worcester. Production of Royal Worcester porcelain in Worcester stopped in 2006.

The best business coaching in the UK

We understand that established businesses face a different set of challenges compared to startups.

At UK Business Mentoring, we believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients. We take the time to understand specific needs, aspirations, and pain points.

By combining our expertise with a personalised approach, we offer tailored mentoring and coaching programs designed to address your unique requirements and drive sustainable growth.

Contact one of our business coaches to schedule a consultation today. Discover how our experienced mentors can empower your business to thrive in your local business landscape.

Find business mentors across the Midlands

From time to time, we may refer you to a mentor in one of Worcestershire’s neighbouring counties. We will do this if your local business mentors are at full capacity, if we feel an alternative mentor would provide a stronger match, or if it works better for you logistically. You can learn more about each of the local mentors for those regions by selecting the relevant county below:

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We build long term relationships with our clients

We become their ‘unreasonable friend’, which means we will ask the question or maybe say the thing that business owners may not want to hear but know that it’s done for their benefit. To learn more, download our client brochure by clicking the link down below.

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