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The word Mentor comes from Greek Mythology. Mentor was a friend of Odysseus who placed Mentor in charge of his son Telemachus when he left for the Trojan War. Over time it has come to mean a ‘Trusted Adviser’.

Your Business Mentoring

We like to describe mentors as honest, trusted but unreasonable friends, meaning we are on your side but we will challenge you! This means we will look to understand your goals and question, challenge, coach, train and advise you to help you achieve them. In summary: “We enable business owners to achieve their goals by helping to remove barriers to performance and releasing the potential in their business”.

What kind of person might benefit from a Mentor?

Well, the short answer is anyone. Being a business owner normally involves carrying out many different roles every day. In addition, because you’re at the top of the business, it’s frankly impossible to talk to anyone involved in the business about how you’re feeling, about your doubts and challenges or even about where you should be headed next. That’s why it’s great to have someone involved who understands your perspective, understands how you’re feeling and can help you by acting as that all-important ‘sounding board’ as well as challenging your thinking.

How often would I meet my Mentor?

As often as you need to. Some of our clients we meet weekly, fortnightly, monthly or sometimes quarterly. Meetings are face-to-face and can be scheduled to fit in with your diary. Outside of the regular meetings, we are available on the phone virtually any time (although we do sleep!)

Is it confidential?

Absolutely, we sign a confidentiality and exclusivity agreement so you can be assured the review is highly confidential between just the client and the Mentor and that we will not work with a competitor business within an agreed distance.

How long would the meetings be?

Again this is up to you, but we normally find that meetings last between one and a half to three hours.

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