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Exit Planning

Selling your business is not simple, and planning when and how to exit means it can dovetail with your personal goals.

When to Exit your Business

Planning when and how to exit your business means it can dovetail with your personal goals and allows you time to build your business with a view to maximising value when you sell, handover or step back. It is worth remembering that everyone will exit their business at some time – it’s better that you are in control of when!

What is exit planning?

Many business owners plan to sell their business at some point to allow them to move on to other things such as retirement or another venture. Knowing when you may wish to do that and what you want to achieve from the sale gives you the opportunity to build a business that will achieve maximum value for you.

Building a business with a view to selling at some point could be the difference between a sale price of one or two times operating profit or five, six (or more) times profit. Clearly a huge differential and well worth investing time NOW to plan what it is you want to achieve on sale.

How would you help me?

Our experienced mentors will discuss with you what it is you want to achieve, be candid over how realistic it is and help you construct an effective plan. As mentors, our role is also to help you to do the most important element which is… To implement the plan!

Do you sell businesses?

No, we don’t sell businesses ourselves. We do however work with one of the UK's leading companies who specialise in the sale and acquisition of businesses.

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