Thinking of becoming a Business Mentor?

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We’re looking for experienced professionals to join our growing network of business mentors.

Could Business Mentoring be right for you?

Can you answer yes to these questions?
  1. Do you have many years all-round experience in a commercial environment with experience in Leadership/People management/Financial understanding?
  2. Have you been thinking of doing something for yourself rather than just as an employee of someone else?
  3. Do you genuinely enjoy and get satisfaction from helping others to grow and develop?
  4. Do you believe that helping business owners could be your Ikigai?

Why should I consider joining UK Business Mentoring as a Franchisee?

UK Business Mentoring is rated number one in the UK out of over four hundred business coaching firms, based purely on client feedback.

We have proven models and systems that new franchisees can follow to fully support their clients.

You will have access to all materials for example our three-hour business growth seminar, a complete programme of webinars covering a host of business topics, our ‘Your Business Model’ and two-day Leadership and Management training courses etc.

You will be given first-class training, field coaching and ongoing support from a ‘Buddy Mentor’ for as long as you want it. You will be part of a fast-growing dynamic team.

You will be part of a team that genuinely cares about its clients and our team of Franchisees.

One of our new franchisees said at the end of 2020 “It feels more like I have joined a club of like-minded entrepreneurs than a franchise”

How do I join and what is the process?

  1. Simply use the contact form to register your interest and we will be in touch for an initial discussion over the phone.
  2. If this generates interest in you we will arrange a meeting with you and our Managing Director so you can ask further questions and get to know what we’re about.
  3. After this, you will have the opportunity to chat with other franchisees to discuss their journey and ask any questions. We also invite you to attend one or more of our events so you can see how we work.
  4. Once you’ve confirmed you want to go ahead, both parties would sign a franchise agreement (after independent legal advice) and we would proceed to train.

What does the initial training consist of?

Initially, a four-day residential training course, which would be one block of three days followed by the fourth day a few weeks later.
The training consists of:
  • Explanation of the company, our values, pledge to clients and ‘no contract’ approach
  • What is business coaching/how do I coach
  • What is Business Mentoring/how do I mentor
  • How to undertake a full Business review

  • Walkthrough of various business reviews as examples

  • Explanation of our target market including the demographics and psychographics
  • Running a three-hour Business Growth workshop/seminar
  • Running webinars
  • Marketing yourself
  • Digital Marketing particularly around LinkedIn
  • Email marketing
  • Managing your Google my Business Page
  • Maximising your landing page
  • Partnership arrangements – generating other income streams
  • Pitching yourself to prospective clients
  • Walkthrough of the Franchise Operations Manual

What do we look for in a franchisee Business Mentor?

Joe Hinton, Managing Director and Founder explains.


  • “Fantastic to be part of a growing business that genuinely puts its clients at the heart of everything it does – this is the best stage of my thirty-year career.”
    Paul Clarke – A Franchisee since joined 2017
  • “It’s been amazing, I feel like everything that I did in my thirty years in corporate life was my apprenticeship for this role. I love it.”
    Chris May – A Franchisee since 2016

    In July 2022 Graham impressed the judges at so much that they chose him to receive the Great British Franchisee Award. It’s the highest honour in the franchising world and puts him among the industry’s elite.

    award winner graham ballantyne gbfa 2022

    Franchisee Journey

    Hear from our Franchisees about their journey into Business Mentoring

    Chris May Franchisee since 2015

    Paul Clarke Franchisee since 2018

    Graham Ballantyne Franchisee since 2019

    Jim Gorrie Franchisee since 2020

    Nigel Browne Franchisee since 2021

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