Need some help with your business?

Need a business mentor?

We help you free up the time to enable your business to reach its true potential.

What do we do?

Our Business Mentors will review your business, establish what is going well and what can be improved and help you to put those things right.

Additionally, they will help you prepare a strategic plan for the future growth of your business and maybe an exit plan for you, the owner.

Along the journey to grow/sell your business we will be there to advise, coach, train i.e. ‘Mentor’ you along the way.

A great part of our success comes from our unique process of reviewing a business using our "Your Business Model". The model covers all key elements of any type of business including the owner, people, management & leadership, financials, sales and processes.

    Why Have a Business Mentor?

    There are a number of very obvious benefits to appointing a Business Mentor, not least to help grow a business. Discover more about the benefits of business mentoring and whether it's right for you.

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    Why choose UKBM?

    Firstly we are very proud of the feedback from clients that rate us the No 1 in the UK for Business Mentoring and Business Coaching firms in the UK on Freeindex testimonials.

    With us there are no long contracts to enter into, we like to do business on the shake of a hand, and you use us as long as we are adding value to you and your business. You also have the comfort of knowing that our pledge means if you do not feel we have added value then you are not expected to pay our invoice.

    Our values are aligned to professionalism, honesty, integrity, confidentiality and always adding value to a business.

    To find out how we can help you and your business and why you should choose UKBM please call us today on 0845 680 3634 or send a message via our Contact Form.

    A forward-thinking company with old-style values

    Our Vision

    A company serving the whole of the UK recognised in providing professional, highly effective support to businesses.

    Our Values

    Our mentors will always work with and for the client to the benefit of the business and will at all times be honest and professional, act with integrity, respect confidentiality.

    Our Pledge

    If a client is not satisfied and feels the mentor has not added value then the client will not be expected to pay.

    Why use a Business Mentor?

    Joe Hinton, Managing Director and Founder explains.
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