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A business review involves one of our experienced Mentors spending time with you and your staff, looking at key aspects of the business to assess how effectively it is run and managed. They will give recommendations on improvements that can be made.
your business model

Your Business Model Review

When reviewing a business, we use our copyrighted ‘Your Business Model’ template which involves us reviewing over one hundred and fifty specific areas behind the key elements shown in the adjacent graphic. Our finding will identify what the strengths are in the business, those that need ‘tweaking’ and any that may be considered a risk as the business grows. It will also include recommendations on the strategy going forward.

What kind of business might benefit from a business review?

Invariably, in any business, there are always areas that can be improved on and we look to identify what is going well and what can be improved upon so the service is of great use to any business.

How are the results of the review communicated to the business owner/directors?

Once complete the Mentor will book a time to present the review to the owner/directors, this will normally be within a few days of the review being completed. The Mentor will talk the client through each aspect of the business detailing findings/observations and ranking each area on a traffic light basis, i.e. Green = A strength, Amber = Requiring some attention, Red = A risk area needing urgent attention. The Mentor will give his/her recommendations on what needs to be done to correct the amber/red areas.

The client will be forwarded a PDF copy of the entire presentation.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely, we sign a confidentiality and exclusivity agreement so you can be assured the review is highly confidential between just the client and the Mentor and that we will not work with a competitor business within an agreed distance.

How long does it take?

It will vary depending on the size/complexity/number of staff in the business, but normally a minimum of one to three days

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