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5 reasons it makes sense to get your business reviewed by a business coach

Written by Joe Hinton on .

Forest path

Running a business can be, to say the least, challenging – how to see the wood from the trees?

When you started the business you were full of passion for what you were going to achieve. Yes, you were going to make a living – but you were going to do so much more than that. You were going to have a real impact. In your mind the business was a ‘sure fire thing’ and customers would come flocking.

Over time however, the weight of having to fulfil so many roles can start to dampen the enthusiasm. And in the end, you can simply start to own your own job!

That’s why business coaching is so helpful. Getting an outsider can reinvigorate you as the business owner – and help you with the skills you need to master, to drive your business forward.

But where to start?

If you allow your business coach to conduct a thorough review of your business, there are a number of clear benefits:

  1. Rather than you tell them what needs to be fixed, the coach can make their own independent assessment – which means that their view is totally objective.
  2. Any coach worth their salt will review all aspects of the business (and probably a number of areas that you haven’t considered) – which means that you get a holistic view untainted by day to day ‘niggles’.
  3. The coach can talk to people who work in the business and get their honest feedback both on the leadership style of the business owner and on parts of the business that need work. Most business owners would find it difficult to garner the real views of their people – which means that you are able to get the views of the ‘shop floor’
  4. The coach can provide not just a list of things that need work, but a prioritised list of the most important issues – which means that you get a clear direction of the path forward.
  5. Conducting a business review gives your business coach a great platform to start working with you to move the business forward – they will understand the whole picture and importantly, how working with you on one area will impact another – which means that you will maximise the benefit of your investment in a business coach

Owning your own business can be exciting and very rewarding. But sometimes it pays to get a little outside help to see the wood from the trees and work out a clear path into the sunshine.

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