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Six Things Successful Business Leaders Do Every Day

Written by Joe Hinton on .

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After working closely with hundreds of leaders over the years, whether in the corporate world or with those running their own businesses, I have noticed some common behaviours in the most successful ones. I am sure we all have our own ideas of what helps drive success, but these are the ones that I have seen most frequently.

  • Manage yourself
    Simply put, manage your own time (planning your day/week/month) and including within that healthy eating, exercise and time with loved ones.

  • Talk to your people (and listen to them!)
    Take time each day to talk to staff, show interest in them and their lives. (MBWA - Managing By Walk About) Use ‘Thank you and Well done’ a lot!

  • Laugh
    Have some fun and laugh. It’s ok to have a laugh at work; laughter is a wonderful tonic that can make a busy day more palatable, give a welcome break for a few moments and it releases endorphins which is both pleasurable and has a calming effect.

  • Verify something
    Whether it be the financials, key performance indicators or a process, take some time to review something, ascertain for yourself ‘is it doing what it should do?’ If asked why you do that, the answer is you trust your staff to do it but your job is to verify it’s happening.

  • Coach
    Coach somebody. Some leaders say they don’t have time. Make time. Whenever someone asks you something, ask them what they think. What do they see as the options? Which one do they think is the best? It all helps make your staff more confident and autonomous. If this sounds of interest, we have some great resources to help you learn more about the differences between business coaching and mentoring, and how you can become a mentor.

  • Delegate something
    If you say there is nothing you can delegate, trust me you’re wrong. Anytime anything hits your desk/inbox ask ‘Who can I pass this to?’

There is no magic wand for success, there is nearly always a lot of hard work involved, but it is also about working smart and if a few important behaviours are repeated consistently, it can make the journey not only easier, but faster too.

And as Jim Rohn says:

“Success is a few simple disciplines practised every day”

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