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Business Owner Development – Is a Webinar the answer?

Written by Paul Clarke on .

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The Growth of Webinars

Since the Covid pandemic, business owners have not been able to network and develop in the same face to face way which means we have seen the growth of webinars.

At UK Business Mentoring we have developed a series of 10 webinars often delivered with partners or indeed our own customers to provide their insight.

How do you know though which webinars to go on?

There are so many and your time as a business owner is precious.

It’s like networking for me….. firstly decide what you want to learn/develop your business then agree the time you wish to allocate say in a month. Then and this is the important part spend a little time researching say 5 if you want to attend 1 (or 10 if 2 etc). Score some key points here say 5 high 1 low…e.g. quality of the presenter, recent feedback, quality of who is recommending you attend etc….you decide but at least qualify in some way-you attend the highest 2 total scores.

As a Business Mentor in Manchester, I have delivered many quality events with the FSB in the past few years. I wanted to share some feedback from a recent webinar we ran with Robert Downes, Development Manager, Greater Manchester area and one of my customers.

Here is some of the feedback from January’s FSB/UKBM webinar that had more than 200 attendees:

  • “Thank you so much for giving your time today. I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar.”
  • “Thank you so much for today’s presentation for the FSB. It was very informative.”
  • “I very much enjoyed your FSB webinar today on ‘The Seven Secrets to Increasing Profitability’. I actually went into the session with quite low expectations, but I found myself furiously writing stuff in my notebook.”
  • “That was truly outstanding;  I didn’t want it to end. And on that note, I’d like to request a copy of the slides.”
  • “Totally loved the webinar – all really clear and useful, and none of the waffle that a lot of webinars contain
  • “Thanks for a great webinar – very informative and useful for me as I am right at the start-up stage of my business.”

After the event I received in excess of 50 emails requesting copies of slides and follow up support tools which are always offered.

We are now running another event later this month which is detailed below- we are confident this will score highly and provide great tools you can easily implement.

Business Mentor Managing and Leading

Business Mentor Manchester, Managing and Leading Webinar

Paul Clarke
Director & Business Mentor

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