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Business Resilience in Greater Manchester 2020

Written by Paul Clarke on .

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Business Mentor, Paul Clarke shares his tips for making your business more resilient during Coronavirus.

Across the world, everybody has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, whether you own a business, work for a business, are studying or retired.

After the initial shock of the national lockdown announced by Boris in late March, we have all changed our habits and following easing the restrictions in mid May, started to live in what is being called the NEW NORMAL.

Now this tests us all and places great strain on our mental wellbeing especially business owners concerned for the futures of both their business and their staff.

And just as things seem to be getting a little better as businesses start to re-open, shops and pubs and restaurants-SLAM-Greater Manchester is hit with additional local restrictions at the end of July.

Your resilience and problem solving skills are tested to the max and I, as a Business Mentor want to share a few tips I have gained throughout my career and indeed seen over the past weeks and months by many business owners, some of whom I currently mentor in Manchester and the surrounding areas:-

  • Take a minute- when setbacks occur your state of mind is not often at its most productive- go for a walk/run/swim or read a book/play with the kids-do whatever you need to reset your mind
  • Speak to a trusted friend soon- that could be a business mentor or a friend but choose someone who will be honest and a straight talker as well as someone who will listen, ask good questions and show empathy and understanding
  • Develop a plan or revisit the existing plan- I was told years ago a goal without a plan is just a wish and a plan which is not written down rarely gets achieved
  • Research your market and competitors again- what has changed- customer behaviours and how are your competitors reacting
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate- with staff, customers, suppliers, business partners
  • Work on YOUR skills- read a book, watch youtube clips, listen to an audiobook-whatever you like best and speak to that trusted advisor/business mentor as you are doing so to establish the learning
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for small wins- set a series of small weekly goals for you and the business that you feel are achievable
  • Look after your health and try to laugh- it really does help
  • Help someone else if you can- you will be amazed that it helps you forget about your worries and actually brings you back to reality sometimes

Some of my customers I mentor have had to temporarily close their business after years of trading during lockdown and have achieved their highest ever sales after lockdown-it can be achieved!

As a parent of 2 wonderful children now adults, I marvel at how when they were small and would maybe fall and cut their knee or arms, how their tears would evaporate with the soothing words of either their mum or myself, a big hug and of course a treat to soften the shock.

Who do you speak to, to share challenges and guide you in the present and the future?

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