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Business Mentor Questions – Can You Answer These?

Written by Joe Hinton on .


A Business Mentor’s Advice

One of the biggest challenges Business Owners face as their business grows is how can they develop their skill set. In many cases, businesses have grown from a very small beginning when the Business Owner was doing everything extremely well.

Are you a business owner that started off as a one-man band or a sole trader? Let’s discuss a common situation when their company growth begins to dominate day to day life, potentially affecting their work/life balance.

Business Growth Spurt – What Next?

Their business grows, and they end up working more and more hours in the business and it gets to a point where they need to take people on.

Trust is placed with these new employees to take the strain from the owner and to do the things they don’t know enough about or don’t want to do.

The challenge then is to ensure these new employees know what to do each day and are working at peak performance. No easy task to make sure this happens.

Identify Changing Times When They Begin To Happen

Many of the Business Owners we come across get to this point where their role must change drastically from what it was. They now need to be less in the doing mode and more in the managing, communicating and delegating mode. Their skill set must develop to enable them to take on this new role otherwise their business plateaus.

How can a Business Owner develop their skill set?

Devise yourself a model week to ensure you spend your time in the areas that will add the most value to your business and give you structure
Daily Planning – each day before you finish your work put together your plan for tomorrow – insert your appointments and your priority actions on the business and in the business onto your planner. Cross each action off once complete

New Learning Resources – Business Mentor Advantages

  • Read a business book every month. Two great ones to start with are The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen
  • Covey. Start by reading twenty pages a day. It’s a great habit to get into and will develop you
  • Invest in some leadership and management training
  • Get a Business Mentor. More and more business owners are taking on board a mentor and of those that do 97% highly value their input.

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