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10 simple ways a Business Owner can improve their business and get the best out of their employees

Written by Joe Hinton on .

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The reason many Business Owners set up their own business is that they are very good at what they do. An engineer is a good engineer, a baker is a good baker and an IT specialist is a good IT specialist.

Over the years we have found that many entrepreneurs can get their business to a certain point, but then get stuck as to how to grow – especially when they employ people. We know from experience that if your business isn’t growing and improving, then it is in effect going backwards!

There have been various studies over the past few years quoting different business failure rates but it is clear that the majority of new businesses fail within five years. A very sad statistic.

What can Business Owners do to get the best out of their people to help their business grow?

Here are 10 things that will certainly help:

  1. Employ staff based on attitude rather than experience.
  2. Manage their performance – know what they’re doing and achieving each day. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
  3. Make sure you deal with staff underperformance. Nothing winds performing staff up more than seeing poor performing colleagues getting away with it. If you don’t deal with it, you’re accepting it!
  4. Never raise your voice to staff. You are the role model. If you’re not happy with someone, find a quiet room, stay calm and stick to the facts.
  5. Organise some social events. Time together out of the office is great for building team spirit and for people getting to know each other better.
  6. Create an atmosphere at work where your people know their work is worthwhile and makes a difference. Where they feel accepted, valued and respected and are able to operate in a positive working environment.
  7. Catch your people doing things well. Most of us are quick to criticise and slow to praise.
  8. Find some regular thinking time for yourself (not always easy). Where you can take ‘a helicopter’ view of your business to see what’s going well and what needs to change, to take your business to the next level.
  9. Get some Leadership and Management training or support. There are no tests/exams for a new Business Owner to take when they start their business and/or when they employ people – so you may need some help.
  10. Hire a business coach who can enable you to complete numbers 1 to 9 well – and save you years!

The team at UK Business Mentoring are always very happy to have a no obligation chat with Business Owners. If you want to improve, want to grow your business or need help and support of any kind. You can contact us here.

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