An inspirational leader with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results through the development of high performing teams.

Lee has over thirty year’s experience in leadership, management, business development and mentoring. He has a reputation of being a dynamic and inspirational leader across years working in Financial Services. Lee has held senior roles in Retail Banking, Consumer Lending and Fintech businesses giving Lee a wealth of knowledge and experience in leading and building teams to deliver business success. Lee thrives on supporting and developing individuals and teams to fulfil their potential. Lee moved away from the corporate world to fulfil his passion of helping others to grow and succeed.


  • "It is good to spend this quality time to refocus monthly. As business owner we 100% recommend UK Business Mentoring to anyone looking for direction, growth and the way forward. Make that call, you won’t regret it!"

  • "Our Mentor brings so much more to ‘the table,’ other than many years of professional experience and valuable shared wisdom. His manner, understanding, empathy and passion to help business owners truly inspires and creates confidence in myself and all the team"

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    Benefits To Your Business

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    Business Reviews

    Undertaking a review of your business starts with what’s your goal? Where do you want to take the business to? In the course of the review, we will look at over one hundred and fifty different areas of your business including structure, management, processes, marketing, financials and of course your people. We will then present the review to you (and co-directors if you wish) highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in the business together with our recommendations as to actions needed.

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    Business Mentoring

    We like to describe ourselves as your ‘challenging friend’ someone who is on your side, to support, help and encourage you but who will also tell it to you straight. Our role is to enable you to achieve your goals and help along the way with any challenges or obstacles that come up on the journey. We work with a lot of our clients for years, some over ten years, they appreciate having the support of an experienced business person who is available to them to discuss issues of any nature.

    Strategic Planning

    For many business owners, strategic planning is something that they rarely seem to get around to. Our role here is to discuss and agree with you on what do you want from the business personally and what the business needs to achieve to enable that. Once we have the ‘Destination’ set, we can work with you to agree on how this should be achieved, what needs to be done, benchmarks to be achieved and an overall plan to monitor progress.

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    Whatever challenges your business faces, whether that be around people management, financials, marketing or any other area. Ultimately we help you to grow, turnaround or prepare your business for a sale.
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