Joe Hinton is Managing Director and Founder of UK Business Mentoring (UKBM), a company formed in 2009.

The business’s main objective is to provide help and support by mentoring and coaching business owners to enable them to improve performance and grow the business.

Joe’s experience working with businesses whilst in the banking world taught him that the vast majority of business owners needed help in one area or another.

UKBMs approach is novel and different to that of its competitors. Joe believes that there is no point in helping a business to prepare a plan for the future unless you know where it is now and what the start point is. If a business has issues around processes, staff, leadership etc, then these need to be dealt with before a business grows, otherwise, the growth will stall or falter.

To facilitate this, UKBM designed the ‘Your Business Model’, a method of undertaking a comprehensive review of a business to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business. Once this is done and the results are shared with the owner(s), a plan is drawn up to address any issues identified in the review. Once these areas are dealt with, a strategic plan is drawn up with the owner(s) to take the business forward to achieve whatever their goals are for the business.

As mentors, we support the owner(s) with the production of plans and also, more importantly, the implementation. We meet with the directors/owners on a monthly basis to check on progress and discuss any issues/barriers that are hindering progress. In-between meetings we support with phone calls/emails as and when required.

In 2016, Joe decided that he wanted to grow his business and began franchising ‘UK Business Mentoring’. He now has a network of mentors across the UK, all of whom are hand-picked having gone through a rigorous application selection process, to ensure that not only does the individual have comprehensive business experience, but also has the right personal attributes.

Why should a business owner use a mentor?
Well, quite simply there are numerous surveys that show that business owners who use a mentor value the support, advice and guidance they bring, and their businesses are more likely to succeed.

Joe is ready to meet with, and/or mentor, any business in Surrey and surrounding areas. Contact him now for a no obligation discussion and he will help drive your business forward and increase your profits.


  • “Joe at UKBM has been fantastic and really helped us at Cullens Clearances Ltd to boost our business performance by having a fresh set of experienced eyes look outside the box. UKBM has given us direction in the business and improved our bottom line. We were very sceptical at first when we made our initial enquiry in December 2019 but we are glad we picked up the phone as it was the best thing we've done for the business, we are one year down the line and we are still happy having Joe @ UKBM work with us to help not just grow our business but improve our personal way of life by taking that little unnecessary stress away that comes part and parcel with running a small business.”

    Derrick and Emma - Cullens Clearances Ltd, London
  • "Big thanks to Joe Hinton for his support during the time of running my business (cafe). After meeting Joe at a Natwest Business event, he gave me guidance in the early setting up stages and years later also helped with my business exit. A really approachable, knowledgeable and genuine person and I'm very grateful to have had his help. Would highly recommend working with Joe and UK Business Mentoring!"

    Hana Jowitt - Streatham, London
  • "Joe has been mentoring us for just under a year now and the difference it has made to the business is incredible. UKBM go above and beyond to help businesses and I do not know how we survived without them. The knowledge levels and care are second to none and I look forward to working with Joe and UKBM for many years to come."

    Kay Gowrinath, Leatherhead
  • "We have worked with UKBM for many years now and have been really pleased with Joe's approach, advice and help to shape and grow our business and assist us through some more challenging times. We honestly wouldn't have achieved so much without Joe… Or at least it would have taken us longer to get there!"

    Caroline Coskry, Epsom
  • "Our business was introduced to Joe through Santander Bank after attending one of his great seminars. It was easy to identify with the hurdles and growing pains for a small business and with his help and monthly meetings, we can see the business growing from strength to strength. Not only are we able to focus on a strategy for the business, increasing our profit margins, Joe is helping us develop personally to give us the confidence to make a difference and make things happen."

    Jennifer Adamthwai, Redhill
  • "I met Joe Hinton at a seminar where he had the audience engaged with his witty personality. I had previously used a business coach however liked Joe's approach so decided to start a business relationship. Joe took the time to understand our business and made business simple again by breaking down our strategy into small sized chunks. Joe is highly recommended as a business coach."

    Kaan Azmi, London
  • "Joe has a deep understanding of the business world. From day one he has gone out of his way to identify the intricacies of my business and the industry I work in and importantly understand what I do well and not so well as a manager and leader. Joe's reassuring and confident manner coupled with his vast experience and passion for helping people improve, has helped create some great changes and results within my business in a relatively short space of time. Joe arms you with the confidence and tools to make these changes yourself. It is has been a pleasure working with Joe, I look forward to working with him long into the future."

    George Morris, London
  • "I've been working with Joe Hinton for over a year and he has really helped to provide me with the tools to grow my business and get it working more effectively. Joe has provided support with recruitment and finance decisions, team training, and tips on how I can achieve a better work/life balance. If I'm struggling to make a decision, Joe has an ability to help me see the wood for the trees. I would highly recommend him"

    Robert Mezo, Wallingford
  • "I started working with Joe Hinton 18 months ago and he has really helped me to analyse the business and put in key goals and structure allowing us to grow. He has helped me to define and identify areas for development and worked with me to establish formal plans to address any issues. His approach is very straight forward and the way he helps me to deconstruct key problems makes them seem easy to deal with. I highly recommend Joe as he has helped me to come to the right decision rather than defining what I should do."

    Peter Slough, London
  • "Joe has a great ability to draw out the best in me by effectively holding up a "mirror" and asking challenging questions with great charm and tact. Getting me to self analyse, prioritise and take a step back has been a game changer. I would highly recommend Joe to even the most experienced business owner."

    David Steedman, Hove
  • "Joe Hinton has carried out a thorough review of our business and produced a report highlighting areas where we need to focus. It is invaluable for a small business like ours to have someone with extensive business experience bringing an independent view to our company. Joe is friendly and easy to work with. He has also introduced us to other business professionals who are helping us to streamline the processes within our organisation. We are continuing to work with Joe on our business planning going forward and strongly recommend his approach."

    Claire Grant, Epsom
  • "We engaged with Joe Hinton to aid a major re-structure after 30 years of trading. Joe's all round knowledge and expertise has proved invaluable in casting a firm foundation with solid structures and goals for all levels of staff. I wish we had met 10 years ago."

    Angus Cunningham, Surbiton
  • "Working with Joe was brilliant. Joe was thorough and rigorous with his investigation but patient and understanding. His actions and proposals were all valuable and insightful and demonstrated a great depth of understanding of business generally. I would thoroughly recommend him"

    Tim Crook, Battle

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    Benefits To Your Business

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    Business Reviews

    Undertaking a review of your business starts with what’s your goal? Where do you want to take the business to? In the course of the review, we will look at over one hundred and fifty different areas of your business including structure, management, processes, marketing, financials and of course your people. We will then present the review to you (and co-directors if you wish) highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in the business together with our recommendations as to actions needed.

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    Business Mentoring

    We like to describe ourselves as your ‘challenging friend’ someone who is on your side, to support, help and encourage you but who will also tell it to you straight. Our role is to enable you to achieve your goals and help along the way with any challenges or obstacles that come up on the journey. We work with a lot of our clients for years, some over ten years, they appreciate having the support of an experienced business person who is available to them to discuss issues of any nature.

    Strategic Planning

    For many business owners, strategic planning is something that they rarely seem to get around to. Our role here is to discuss and agree with you on what do you want from the business personally and what the business needs to achieve to enable that. Once we have the ‘Destination’ set, we can work with you to agree on how this should be achieved, what needs to be done, benchmarks to be achieved and an overall plan to monitor progress.

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    Whatever challenges your business faces, whether that be around people management, financials, marketing or any other area. Ultimately we help you to grow, turnaround or prepare your business for a sale.
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