After a successful and varied career in financial services, Jim was looking for a role that allowed him to fulfil his passion for helping people to develop, grow and achieve their potential. He, therefore, decided the time was right to join UK Business Mentoring and support business owners with their challenges and to help them be successful.

Jim has over 30 years of experience in leading teams and developing leaders. He is qualified in Leadership Coaching and Executive Mentoring and has a broad range of experiences in Leadership/People Management/Sales and Marketing/Customer Experience/Continuous Improvement/Company Culture and Strategy.

Jim is ready to meet with and, or mentor, any business in Kent and the surrounding areas. Contact him now for a no obligation discussion and he will help drive your business forward and increase your profits.


  • “I was recommended to look at getting a mentor by another business that I was working with at the time and I was a little sceptical at the time but saw the potential benefit.

    “After searching around for a little while I came across Jim and made an enquiry which led to an initial discussion on myself and the business. It was clear immediately that Jim had a wealth of experience and understood the problems we were going through and how we may look at solving things.”

    “I think most entrepreneurs think they know best or will work it out along the way and whilst that did work to a certain point there becomes a time where being an entrepreneur becomes more about getting your people to deliver what you have created so far and building on it rather than it being because you as an individual are good at what you do otherwise things just stagnate. This was the point I was at and needed some input on it. ”

    Matt Parkinson - Kent
  • “In 9 months of working together so far, Jim's input has me seeing how we operate our senior leadership team in a new light and ultimately that filters down throughout the whole company. Not only are we now starting to see more structure but also more employee engagement and ultimately better customer service and a better business.”

    “Jim has become an integral part of our business over the last 9 months and shaping our future and I look forward to continuing that long into the future.”

    Matt Parkinson - Kent
  • "Very positive rewarding experience having received business mentoring from Jim. I am extremely grateful for his vast experience and knowledge. I felt listened to and supported when discussing any issues I was struggling with. One thing I remember Jim saying initially was "you can be very good at what you do, but learning to run a business is very different" which is so true and the reason why I recommend his services to others is because I have learnt so much and can now start putting this into practice."

    Jill Grainger - Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • "As a sole director of a small start-up during such a turbulent year, Jim Gorrie became both business mentor and counsellor. He grasped the complexities of my business quickly, with its different markets and revenue streams, and made me step back from the day-to-day to focus on the business - my vision for it and the challenges to overcome to move forward. I didn't have a finished business plan, and I still haven't. I don't think I'd look at it let alone follow it. Instead Jim gave me the necessary tools to complete a shorter, more useful Vision Summary. The input was probably as much but the output required less paper and it is a core document for me and serves as a three-year road map. Jim also helped me navigate tricky situations with suppliers. A year on, I've made the transition from fledgling entrepreneur to business director, assessing risk, focused on preparedness for the challenges ahead and 'lighting fires under opportunities'. I'd recommend Jim to other business owners. He has made a big difference to me and my business, and he's also a very nice bloke! Thanks, Jim."

    Penny Worms - Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • "Jim gave an in depth analysis about my business plan, branding and marketing. He strategically took me through my negatives and positives that intrinsically and extrinsically have been affecting my business. Jim focuses on what needs to be covered in a session rather than trying to just fill a space of time. He’s also Fantastic with numbers and made me see how how big or small my profits margins were which is excellent of your not so good at number crunching. He was also extremely patient with me and very polite courteous and I felt that he wanted me to succeed and see that change within me and the business. I highly recommend Jim for mentoring for any start up or any business that’s struggling right now with the pandemic getting back up and started to relaunch and rebrand. Thank you For all your help and encouragement Jim. I really appreciate it."

    Jade Buck - Chelsea, London
  • "Jim's guidance has been invaluable over the past 6 months. My business has noticeably changed since we've been working together. Jim has brought a new outlook, positively challenged aspects of the business and provided excellent resources to support/resolve the pain points within my business. I highly recommend working with Jim, thank you!"
    Caroline Ward, Maidstone, Kent
  • "As a business mentor Jim is absolutely superb! Running a startup/small business can be chaotic and challenging, Jim has helped me make sense of various challenges from creating a professional presentation that actually serves my business, to understanding advertising and marketing. Flexible as well as patient, intelligent yet not condescending, Jim is a sensible investment for any business large or small. Honestly can't recommend him enough!"
    Robert Ketch, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • "As a rapidly growing technology startup, we started working with Jim to help review our processes and mentor our leadership team through the scaling process. Jim has been an exemplary advisor and sounding board during this process, challenging us and asking all the correct awkward question to help us face and resolve the issues we've faced. Jims mentorship and advice has been particularly valuable to me as someone relatively new to leadership and executive roles."
    Ben Nicholls, Canterbury, Kent
  • "I have been incredibly fortunate to have had Jim working with me to not only better my business but also my own personal leadership skills. Jim has helped me see my business from a whole different prospective and helped guide me to make changes that have made me streamline what we do and make my service far more efficient. Anything form helping increase conversion rates to aiding in a more positive and professional customer journey. A business mentor is something I never realised I needed until I was lucky enough to be put in touch with Jim. Now I recommend him to anybody, I guarantee you will find it an incredibly eye opening opportunity you won’t regret! The last couple of years or so has been incredibly tough and we might not have got through it if it wasn’t for your help. You’ve made me fall in love with what I do again and helped set it up to thrive once more. Thank you!"
    Byron Bovis, Maidstone, Kent
  • "Jim Gorrie quickly had a good understanding of our industry and took time to research it prior to our first meeting. We needed a professional Third Eye to undertake a review of the business and its day to day operations. I would highly recommend Jim's services and ongoing support in making the company more efficient and his professional advice."
    Mike Steel, Rochester, Kent
  • "Working with Jim as both a business coach and mentor has been truly transformative. From the very beginning, I was highly impressed by Jim's extensive knowledge and expertise, not only in the realm of leadership but also from a broader business perspective. His understanding of effective leadership practices goes beyond mere theory, offering actionable insights that have allowed me to develop my leadership abilities and navigate complex situations with confidence. What truly sets Jim apart is his exceptional capacity to inspire and motivate, while simultaneously challenging my perspectives and gently pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Through his guidance, I have been able to develop my leadership skills, and personal growth has become inevitable. During the time I've spent working with Jim, he has consistently demonstrated his availability and unwavering support. Whether it's through face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, or email, Jim has always been there to provide invaluable advice and guidance. His professionalism and integrity shine through in every interaction, leaving no doubt about his genuine concern for my success and the overall success of the business. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Jim to anyone seeking a mentor to propel their business and leadership skills forward. His exceptional mentorship, coupled with his sincere passion for fostering the success of others, makes him an invaluable asset. My journey as a leader is just beginning, and with Jim's mentorship, I eagerly anticipate the continued growth and development that lies ahead."
    Jon Clark - Maidstone, Kent
  • Amazing value received from Jim in only a one hour session. Has completely opened my eyes up and gave me lots of feedback on what I can improve moving forward. Highly recommend.
    Brandon Beer - Rainham, Kent
  • I'm not sure that my business would be where it is today without Jim's mentoring. He was able to help me to determine my target audience, questioned my current operations and guided me on new processes. He was able to supply me with fantastic tools that I still use today, and I found his reading recommendations really helpful too. Jim's approach was always friendly yet honest, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of taking their business to the next level.
    Samantha Haizelden - Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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    Benefits To Your Business

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    Business Reviews

    Undertaking a review of your business starts with what’s your goal? Where do you want to take the business to? In the course of the review, we will look at over one hundred and fifty different areas of your business including structure, management, processes, marketing, financials and of course your people. We will then present the review to you (and co-directors if you wish) highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in the business together with our recommendations as to actions needed.

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    Business Mentoring

    We like to describe ourselves as your ‘challenging friend’ someone who is on your side, to support, help and encourage you but who will also tell it to you straight. Our role is to enable you to achieve your goals and help along the way with any challenges or obstacles that come up on the journey. We work with a lot of our clients for years, some over ten years, they appreciate having the support of an experienced business person who is available to them to discuss issues of any nature.

    Strategic Planning

    For many business owners, strategic planning is something that they rarely seem to get around to. Our role here is to discuss and agree with you on what do you want from the business personally and what the business needs to achieve to enable that. Once we have the ‘Destination’ set, we can work with you to agree on how this should be achieved, what needs to be done, benchmarks to be achieved and an overall plan to monitor progress.

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    Whatever challenges your business faces, whether that be around people management, financials, marketing or any other area. Ultimately we help you to grow, turnaround or prepare your business for a sale.
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