After a successful and varied career in financial services, Jim was looking for a role that allowed him to fulfil his passion for helping people to develop, grow and achieve their potential. He, therefore, decided the time was right to join UK Business Mentoring and support business owners with their challenges and to help them be successful.

Jim has over 30 years of experience in leading teams and developing leaders. He is qualified in Leadership Coaching and Executive Mentoring and has a broad range of experiences in Leadership/People Management/Sales and Marketing/Customer Experience/Continuous Improvement/Company Culture and Strategy.

Jim is ready to meet with and, or mentor, any business in Kent and the surrounding areas. Contact him now for a no obligation discussion and he will help drive your business forward and increase your profits.

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  • “I was recommended to look at getting a mentor by another business that I was working with at the time and I was a little sceptical at the time but saw the potential benefit.

    “After searching around for a little while I came across Jim and made an enquiry which led to an initial discussion on myself and the business. It was clear immediately that Jim had a wealth of experience and understood the problems we were going through and how we may look at solving things.”

    Matt Parkinson - Kent
  • “I think most entrepreneurs think they know best or will work it out along the way and whilst that did work to a certain point there becomes a time where being an entrepreneur becomes more about getting your people to deliver what you have created so far and building on it rather than it being because you as an individual are good at what you do otherwise things just stagnate. This was the point I was at and needed some input on it. ”

    Matt Parkinson - Kent
  • “In 9 months of working together so far, Jim's input has me seeing how we operate our senior leadership team in a new light and ultimately that filters down throughout the whole company. Not only are we now starting to see more structure but also more employee engagement and ultimately better customer service and a better business.”

    “Jim has become an integral part of our business over the last 9 months and shaping our future and I look forward to continuing that long into the future.”

    Matt Parkinson - Kent

    Benefits To Your Business

    Business Reviews

    Undertaking a review of your business starts with what’s your goal? Where do you want to take the business to? In the course of the review, we will look at over one hundred and fifty different areas of your business including structure, management, processes, marketing, financials and of course your people. We will then present the review to you (and co-directors if you wish) highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in the business together with our recommendations as to actions needed.

    Business Mentoring

    We like to describe ourselves as your ‘challenging friend’ someone who is on your side, to support, help and encourage you but who will also tell it to you straight. Our role is to enable you to achieve your goals and help along the way with any challenges or obstacles that come up on the journey. We work with a lot of our clients for years, some over ten years, they appreciate having the support of an experienced business person who is available to them to discuss issues of any nature.

    Strategic Planning

    For many business owners, strategic planning is something that they rarely seem to get around to. Our role here is to discuss and agree with you on what do you want from the business personally and what the business needs to achieve to enable that. Once we have the ‘Destination’ set, we can work with you to agree on how this should be achieved, what needs to be done, benchmarks to be achieved and an overall plan to monitor progress.

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    Whatever challenges your business faces, whether that be around people management, financials, marketing or any other area. Ultimately we help you to grow, turnaround or prepare your business for a sale.
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