The Power of Feelings

In a recent Harvard Business School study of over 3000 business leaders they found having an effective leadership style and appraisal system would generate min 30% additional bottom line profit.

Our experience would suggest this is very true and possibly understated – we would also suggest this is an area often neglected at significant cost to the owner and business.

Keep it simple both in terms of process and paperwork, otherwise nobody will do it or understand the value-including the owner.

Five simple steps to follow

Step 1 Review your staff members role profile and objectives with them – do they understand them?

Step 2  Agree support and Development required to achieve the above

Step 3  Agree Appraisal review dates (monthly or Quarterly)

Step 4  Review Full year’s performance

Step 5  Set objectives for the next period

The third step, the actual face to face 1:1 with the staff member is so important and we recommend structuring the meeting around the following simple model ‘The 3 X Fs’.

Quite simply discussing how a member of staff feelswill help to bring out any issues that may be affecting performance – after all our feelings drive our behaviours which, in turn affects our performance.


  • How do they feel about their performance?
  • How are they?
  • How do they enjoy working here?
  • What would improve things?


  • What has been achieved?
  • What is going well?
  • What is not going well?
  • What needs to improve?


  • What do they need to do differently?
  • Training/Development required?
  • What would improve things?
  • Future roles?

Using this model also shows the member of staff that you care about their feelings and them as individuals. Covering feelings first normally naturally leads on to a discussion around performance and what needs to be different in the future.