The Benefits of Having a Business Mentor

What Are The Benefits of a Business Mentor?

More and more business owners/entrepreneurs are finding that using a business mentor can significantly improve their performance. Owners who are busy juggling the day to day running of their business, managing people/suppliers/finances etc need to take time out to think strategically about their business. Time with a Business Mentor does just that, it’s time to sit with another business person who can share their own personal experiences and often bring a different angle to business challenges.

Coaching, Mentoring and Your Options and Solutions

Mentoring can include coaching, training, advising and offering different options or solutions. Most importantly a Mentor is there to listen and by doing that and understanding the business and, indeed the owner(s), can give that independent view of the business and its issues that can be so vital.

So, let’s look at the benefits of having a business mentor:

  1. Networking – Experienced Business Mentors will have built up over years, a whole host of contacts across many different industries and professions. Whether your business has been running for years or is just starting, access to this kind of ‘black book’ is invaluable.
  2. Advice – Most Business Mentors have excelled in their line of work and can offer advice based on both their own successes and those they have helped to create through mentoring. They can use this experience and knowledge in guiding you through any challenges you may face within your business, as well as steer you away from making any mistakes.
  3. Improving key skills –  Business Mentors can also be advantageous in other ways such as developing your business skills through coaching and training. This can be from improving your communication skills with staff, decision making, delegation, managing time etc. By focussing on you the owner it enables you to be highly effective within your business, which in turn obviously contributes to its success.
  4. Strategies – A Business mentor will focus on both your personal and business goals and help you to formulate the right strategies to take your business forward and achieve those goals.
  5. Problems – Whether you call them problems or challenges, all businesses have them and a Business Mentor is there to help steer you through (or around, under or over!) those difficult times. A mentor can help you look at problems or situations through another perspective which you may not have thought of on your own.

Finally – Ask yourself why did you go into business?

For most business owners it’s the freedom to make your own decisions, to give you a sense of pride and achievement and to give you and your family financial security.

Sometimes though, it doesn’t feel like you are getting those rewards and that’s the time to get the help of a Business Mentor, but not just any Business Mentor, A UKBM Business Mentor!

Give us a call on 0845 680 3634 for a complimentary no pressure, no hard sell mentoring session. That’s just what Richard Harvey did, this is what he had to say:

“Last week Joe came to visit me in my office and I can honestly say that this was a most productive two hours. Joe did not hold back with his knowledge and there was never a hint of a hard sell. We are at a pivotal stage in our business and are about to employ our first apprentice, and Joe’s ability to cut through the noise and get us to focus on core areas to drive and grow our business is going to be invaluable I believe.

Just being able to talk things through with someone of Joe’s experience is a massive advantage. Moving forward I can most definitely see us using UK Business Mentoring and Joe’s services to help us focus and grow. It will be money well spent”. 

Richard John Harvey – Managing Director of Pharian – IT Services and Support.

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