The Art of Delegation

A wise mentor told me a number of years ago that you will never the successful in Business if you do not learn to delegate.

Why I hear you ask and what stops us when we want to and see the benefits of delegation?

Why? as you grow a business and your workforce, you simply cannot “Do it all yourself” and need to rely, trust and delegate to your biggest fixed cost and most valuable asset-your staff!

What stops us? You may feel its quicker, easier and you retain control if you do it yourself and sometimes you will try to delegate and quickly take back the task or responsibility as soon as it becomes a little more challenging.


Here is why you should learn and master delegation:-

  • One of the most important management skills
  • A key cause of business stagnation
  • Saves you time
  • Develops your people
  • Motivates – greater responsibility
  • Enables growth in a business

Here are 9 easy to follow steps:-

  • Consider the task-not your most urgent/important tasks but also not the least
  • Select the individual-has enough skill or the will to learn
  • Explain WHY you are delegating
  • Assess and deliver any training required
  • Consider resources the member of staff may require
  • Be clear on the expected results and timescales
  • Agree review dates
  • Support and communicate to your staff
  • Give regular feedback

“If you really want to grow as a entrepreneur you’ve got to learn to delegate”

Richard Branson

“No one great person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit”

Dale Carnagie