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If you are in Surrey or the surrounding areas we will help you with whatever challenges your business faces. Whether that be around people management, financials, marketing or any other area. Ultimately we help you to grow, turnaround or prepare your business for a sale. Book your complimentary mentoring session here

What Can A Business Mentor Do For You?

Benefits To Your Business

Business Reviews
An in-depth review of your business to establish what is going well and what can be improved and help you to put those things right.
We like to describe mentors as honest, trusted but unreasonable friends, meaning we are on your side but we will challenge you. Which means we will look to understand your goals and question, challenge, coach, train and advise you to help you achieve them.
We will help you prepare a strategic plan for the future growth of your business including looking at what your exit strategy might look like.


Joe Hinton is Managing Director and Founder of UK Business Mentoring (UKBM), a company formed in 2009.

The business’s main objective is to provide help and support by mentoring and coaching business owners to enable them to improve performance and grow the business.
Joe’s experience working with businesses whilst in the banking world, taught him that the vast majority of business owners needed help in one area or another.
UKBMs approach is novel and different to that of its competitors. Joe believes that there is no point in helping a business to prepare a plan for the future unless you know where it is now and what the start point is. If a business has issues around processes, staff, leadership etc, then these need to be dealt with before a business grows, otherwise the growth will stall or falter.

To facilitate this, UKBM designed the ‘Zulu Business Model’, a method of undertaking a comprehensive review of a business to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business. Once this is done and the results shared with the owner(s), a plan is drawn up to address any issues identified in the review. Once these areas are dealt with, a strategic plan is drawn up with the owner(s) to take the business forward to achieve whatever their goals are for the business.

As mentors, we support the owner(s) with the production of plans and also more importantly, the implementation. We meet with the directors/owners on a monthly basis to check on progress and discuss any issues/barriers that are hindering progress. In-between meetings we support with phone calls/emails as and when required.

In 2016, Joe decided that he wanted to grow his business and began franchising ‘UK Business Mentoring’. He now has a network of mentors across the UK, all of whom are hand-picked having gone through a rigorous application selection process, to ensure that not only does the individual have comprehensive business experience, but also has the right personal attributes.

Why should a business owner use a mentor?
Well, quite simply there are numerous surveys that show that business owners who use a mentor value the support, advice and guidance they bring, and their businesses are more likely to succeed.

Joe is ready to meet with, and/or mentor, any business in the Surrey and surrounding areas. Contact him now for a no obligation discussion and he will help drive your business forward and increase your profits.


We have worked with UKBM for many years now and have been really pleased with Joe’s approach, advice and help to shape and grow our business and assist us through some more challenging times.

We honestly wouldn’t have achieved so much without Joe… Or at least it would have taken us longer to get there!



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