6 Things Business Owners can do to get the Best out of Their People

As Business Mentors we come across many business owners who are struggling to get the best out of their people. There can be many reasons for this including a lack of communication and direction for staff, little accountability, no individual goals or targets and no review of performance. People want to know how they’re performing, how it’s measured and how they are contributing to the success of the business.

It is one of the main reasons why businesses plateau when they get to a certain point. There is a limit to the number of hours a business owner can work to grow the business without effective delegation. Our Business Mentoring experience mentoring business owners over the last eleven years has shown us that these six things can help make a real difference:

  1. Share your Vision for the business with all your staff. Where are you taking the business too? What part does each person need to play?
  2. Agree three simple objectives with each member of staff. Make certain each one is SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound
  3. Review each person’s performance against their objectives regularly. Ideally monthly
  4. Agree at each review three actions that the staff member will take to improve their performance
  5. Catch your staff doing things right and praise them!
  6. Learn how to delegate effectively. One of the biggest issues in business is poor delegation. Make certain that the person you are delegating too is capable of doing what you want them to. Explain carefully what is required. Ask the staff member to explain back to you what it is that they are going to go and do. This will inform you of their level of understanding and whether you need to explain further. Set up review points to check all is on track.

Do the above and your staff will now be more engaged, more accountable and will perform better taking the pressure off you.

One of my favourite sayings is, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got,” which I’m sure many of my clients around Portsmouth and Southampton get fed up with me saying.

A SAGE survey showed that 93% of businesses that use a Business Mentor saw that it helped them succeed yet only one in five businesses in the UK use a mentor.

Don’t be one of the 80% of business owners who miss out!

If you would like to find out more about how a Business Mentor could help you and your business then please get in touch.