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Recent Podcast with Surrey Chambers of Commerce

Written by Joe Hinton on .

Our Director Steve Drake recently did a podcast for Surrey Chambers of Commerce discussing 'Challenging Team Dynamics'. It's the 6th in a series of 12 episodes titled "Navigating Business and Beyond" (see links below on Youtube & Spotify).

Many SME Owners do not have the time, funds or inclination to go Business School. Luckily though, UK Business Mentoring Group is "the Business School that comes to you". SME Owners who work with us typically report clearer thinking about their business, better decision-making, better team dynamics, more resilience in their business and sustained #leadershipdevelopment for the SME Owner - which all leads to more time, more profits and more freedom

The full podcast is available here on both Youtube or Spotify:

On Youtube >>
On Spotify >>

Watch here:

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