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Feedback – The breakfast of champions

Written by Paul Clarke on .


“Thank you for your feedback”

Are you really grateful? Did you appreciate the comments? Will you use the information or do anything different?

We live in a world of feedback requests. Usually via texts revealing 4 questions about the service received or a request following the purchase of a product or services online. How many times do we bother providing the feedback?

At UK Business mentoring we value our customer feedback and are proud of our no 1 UK status on free index.

I was discussing recently with a business client I mentor in the North of England, ways to improve sales and marketing solutions. My client’s business was growing, and he was considering using an external digital marketing company to support his business growth. A number of my clients use digital marketing support, and I recalled a useful acronym provided to me some years ago POEM.

P  Paid
O  Owned
E  Earned
M  Media

Paid is usually via a marketing company for things like Website/Seo/Google ads/PPC etc or you can do it yourself.

Owned is your current paid/non paid sites e.g. Website, Social media-LinkedIn/business Facebook, twitter etc.

Earned is your CLIENT testimonials/feedback-even better if video/pictures as well as words.

My question to my client was how well you maximise what you have earned. He had great feedback so how do you harness this? This does not mean you do not pay for marketing support, but you should always start with the EARNED customer loyalty and feedback and work how to maximise FREE first then possibly paid thereafter or in tandem. I have a number of discussions with business customers around how they capture and promote their feedback.

Feedback from your staff is no different- it’s free….you just need to ask and the best way in our opinion is part of a regular appraisal process. One tip though, if you ask please do something about the feedback. Not always providing a solution but at least explaining why you cannot, or it is not appropriate.

One last question…. How much feedback do you plan to get over the coming months and is it part of your marketing and staff engagement plan?

If you would like to discuss this area I would be delighted to offer as free business mentoring 1 hour session where I can provide a number of support tools.

Paul Clarke
Director & Business Mentor

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