How To Market Your Business Effectively – Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Market Your Business Effectively

Some people refer to it as their USP or Unique Selling Proposition – we call it ‘Compelling Competitive Advantage’

Essentially, what marks you out to be the best and better than the rest. How does this link to WHO your customers are (demographics) and WHY they choose to purchase your products and services?

Would You Buy From Your Company

Put yourself in your target market’s shoes – would you buy from your company?

CCA – what’s different about you compared to the competition? What could it be? Service, product, price, quality?

Business Mentor Questions – We Help Grow Your Future

  • Past-When was the last time you completed a customer survey (customers and prospects) to validate the CCA?
  • Now-When was the last time you looked at your competitors to understand how your CCA differentiates and adds greater customer value?
  • Future-What are you working on the improve your offering e.g. digital version to stay ahead and keep your CCA current and improving?
  • Your Staff-When was the last time you asked for their idea’s, to mystery shop competitors or act as advocates for your products or services?
  • Your Market-What’s expected to change in 2018 maybe because of technological/regulation/political etc. influences?

Once you have started to answer or consider the 5 questions, let me ask you another…. Can you articulate your CCA in 1-2 mins with clarity, confidence and examples of success and customer satisfaction? – look out for my blog on Pitching for Success!

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Marketing Fails and Wins – Case Studies

Here are a couple of good examples of effective branding and marketing behind a CCA which marked out the company to positively differentiate from its competitors to win Market share.

Domino’s Pizza about a decade ago years ago issued a guarantee of delivery within 30 mins or the pizza was free, resulting is outstanding growth in sales and their brand. Sadly, Domino’s no longer offers this deal because it probably inspired a number of car accidents involving delivery drivers trying to beat their thirty-minute limit or people barricading doors, dismantling bells

Avis Rental Car Hire –customer promise was “we’re number 2 we try harder!” resulting in market share increasing from 11% to 35% in 4 years.

What could your CCA be?