How will Covid-19 lockdown change a 21 Year old

How Coronavirus has changed my lifestyle

COVID-19 CORONA VIRUS Business Mentor Coach UK London Manchester Consultants Company Coaching MentoringHi, my name is Natalie, I am a 21-year-old student currently working my internship with UK Business Mentoring as part of my sandwich course studying Marketing Communications BA Hons at Bournemouth University. This is a short blog about how Covid-19 has changed my lifestyle and spending habits.

Coronavirus has forced us all to make dramatic change to the way we live, from parents having to home school their children to hosting pub quizzes in our livings rooms via video apps. Lockdown has forced us all to change our lifestyle in many ways, through the closure of all ‘non-essential’ businesses. It has restricted us in many ways.

For me, Friday and Saturdays were the most awaited days of the week. Prior to lockdown I would be making my way to the pub, meeting friends or going to nightclubs but since COVID-19, and isolation coupled with the need to socially distance this has all been thrown out of my life temporarily. I do feel though that it has forced us to make new relationships with neighbors for example by clapping together to cheers on the NHS every Thursday at 8pm.

Health in Wealth During Lockdown

Health is wealth has definitely worked in my favor. As lockdown has confined me to my house and trips to the supermarket and back. My spending habits have changed and reduced, with less money being spent on leisure, such as pubs, restaurants etc. There has been a knock of effect on other business suppliers who I would typically use such as petrol, ubers, clothes, shoes and takeaways.

My lifestyle now includes activities such as; having quiz nights with a glass of wine via video calls, binge-watching TV series on platforms such as Netflix and teaching myself how to make various meals, which has opened my eyes to a healthier lifestyle. This of course does not involves spending a lot of money. This will continue post COVID-19 as I have realized it is cheaper and healthier to buy your own ingredients for meals rather than ordering takeaways due to laziness.

Online Shopping Trends Adjustments

My shopping habits have undergone drastic changes, when considering this is a similar pattern to everyone else in the UK, will have massive disruption for all businesses, especially in the retail and leisure industries. Lockdown has changed the way I shop with it all being online purchases. It seems I’m not alone, with online purchases making up to less than a third of daily transactions prior to Covid-19, but it increased to 51.5 per cent in March.

For businesses, this means the new normal will have a huge shift to online shopping. I have also realized my brand loyalty to certain brands that have produced a high quality of service during these unpresented times with reassuring messages and offers/sales which won’t be forgotten once lockdown is over and everyone goes back to their new normal.

Whilst Covid-19 has touched us all and forced us to change the way we live, interact and spending habits, I do believe that it will leave a legacy in how business operate once this is all over. For example, home working, advertising to gain a higher slice of people’s wallets, via web & other online/SMS media platforms and controlling/planning their cash flow more diligently. Let’s hope that this comes around very soon. Stay safe.

So how will the lockdown have affected your target market?

Will they have changed their buying behaviours, how will your business adapt to this?

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