We are very proud to say that on the back of our client testimonials we are rated the No 1 Coaching firm in the UK on FreeIndex.


For two very important reasons – Firstly they confirm that we are doing a great job for our clients and really adding value to them and their businesses. Secondly it means we get recommendations and referrals which is what our business is based on.

Chris provides a service that is bespoke to my personal goals and the strategic goals of the business. He is fully immersed in the business and is therefore able to offer practical and appropriate advice. This comes with a monthly checklist of goals to achieve each time we meet up. If you need a mentor help guide you through your business growth, Chris is your man.

Trevor Davies - 2nd July 2019

Paul has without doubt had a positive impact on our business and has actually saved us money within the first month. Working with Paul has given us a real focus on the key areas and enabled us to get a tighter grip on the figures and a tighter control of our business. The relationship also enables us to have access to a level of experience and network of contacts that we simply wouldn’t have. We view Paul as the Board member couldn’t normally afford. Paul has and continues to help us shape the business to achieve our ambitions for the company. Highly recommended.

Charlie Graybrook - 1st March 2019

I started using Paul Clark as a business mentor about a year ago as I felt I needed someone with a business background to talk to. I am so glad I did! Paul has been enormously helpful. My business has been going through a period of change and he has helped to support me through this. It is helpful just having someone to talk to which clarifies my ideas and helps me sort the good ideas from the bad. However Paul has also made some very helpful suggestions which have helped me take my business to the next level. Thank you.

Tessa Shepperson - 1st March 2019

I cant recommend Jo Hinton’s services enough. I run a business as a McKenzie Friend – a professional alternative to a solicitor in divorce finance and child care arrangements disputes in family courts (www. Mckenziefrienduk.Com). Joe is a fantastic active listener, empathetic, insightful, open and honest. He has really raised my aspirations and personal expectations of success by sharing his own life experiences and suggesting active ways to supercharge my business acumen. Thanks Joe!

Graham Fletcher - 14th February 2019

Our business was introduced to Joe through Santander Bank after attending one of his great seminars. It was easy to identify with the hurdles and growing pains for a small business and with his help and monthly meetings, we can see the business growing from strength to strength. Not only are we able to focus on a strategy for the business, increasing our profit margins, Joe is helping us develop personally to give us the confidence to make a difference and make things happen.

Jennifer Adamthwait - 8th February 2019

Chris has been our business mentor for over a year now and the service he has provided us is fantastic. He has helped us become more focused and structured which has made our business grow from strength to strength. He has helped guide us through a number of challenges and his positivity always motivates us both after every meeting. I would strongly recommend Chris and UK Business Mentoring to any business owner wanting to push on to the next level.

Daniel Slatter - 20th January 2019

We were introduced to Chris May this summer and I am so pleased we were introduced and even more so went ahead with his proposal. Our company at the time was suffering from a bad year financially, no structure and no real processes or systems and just general chaos. Chris identified and pin pointed the problems quickly and efficiently and put a plan in place to sort the most crucial items first. We have now been holding monthly meetings with Chris for four months and the difference in our company is amazing, we have all the above in hand and have structure. We all look forward to continued progress with Chris and seeing our business flourish.

Luke Edwards - 19th December 2018

Chris and I have been working together for just under a year and during this period our income has increased by over 50%. The biggest reason for this success for Me is that we both agree what we need to do and Chris then holds me to account, gives guidance, direction and structure to my business decisions.

Kevin Martin - 22nd November 2018

I was first introduced to Paul Clarke by our bank account manager at Santander. He was speaking at one of their events, and it really made sense in every aspect. As a physiotherapist with a thriving business, I actually thought ‘I know about business’. After listening to Paul I soon realised I didn’t even know the basics – even as simple as a business plan. Apparently a business plan isn’t a document you write when you first open a business to tick a box, then put it in a drawer never to be seen again! Paul has really helped take our business to the next level – we have clear goals, and importantly we know our numbers! Paul pays for himself through the business growth he has generated us. He is honest, transparent and so confident in his services he doesn’t tie you into any sort of contract or long term commitment. I would recommend anybody to get in touch and have a no obligation chat to see how he can help grow your business.

Rick Livesey - 17th September 2018

I met Joe Hinton at a seminar where he had the audience engaged with his witty personality. I had previously used a business coach however liked Joe’s approach so decided to start a business relationship. Joe took the time to understand our business and made business simple again by breaking down our strategy into small sized chunks. Joe is highly recommended as a business coach.

Kann Azmi - 30th July 2018

Chris provides our company with an exceptional service that we didn’t realise we required until we appointed his services.

Mark Holden - 2nd July 2018

We’ve been working with Chris on a monthly basis since we met at the end of 2017. We have had experience of Business Consultants before but have felt that they haven’t really ‘got’ what we’re about or what we really need. Chris’s approach is different, he got to know us personally before even asking about our business. He remembers our key issues, holds us accountable to our promises in a firm but fair way. We have made so much progress with our biggest worries now under control with brilliant management tools in place. We cannot recommend UK Business Mentoring highly enough.

Emma Davies - 23rd June 2018

Chris was exceptional. He carefully teased out pertinent information and summarised his findings with consideration and clarity.ceed and grow. Highly recommended.

Simon Pitts - 13th March 2018

We are a relatively young business with very little business experience. Chris May has really helped us to get focused, set our future goals and get back on track to where we need to be and with regular meetings we’re able to track our progress and make sure we are staying on the right path to help our business succeed and grow. Highly recommended.

Kate Higgs - 5th March 2018

We are a £15m turnover business with 85 employees and have recently completed a Management Buy Out. We engaged with Paul to help our director’s development in their new roles as well, development of the strategy and wider business issues. I have found Paul’s help invaluable so far. His wealth of experience and his style of communicating make it very easy for us to work. By challenging us and asking the right questions he has gained a good detailed understanding of the issues facing the business and has helped us to address these. I would highly recommend Paul and UK Business Mentoring to any business.

Mike Braddock - 31st January 2018

Joe has a deep understanding of the business world. From day one he has gone out of his way to identify the intricacies of my business and the industry I work in and importantly understand what I do well and not so well as a manager and leader. Joe’s reassuring and confident manner coupled with his vast experience and passion for helping people improve, has helped create some great changes and results within my business in a relatively short space of time. Joe arms you with the confidence and tools to make these changes yourself. It is has been a pleasure working with Joe, I look forward to working with him long into the future.

George Morris - 29th January 2018

During the last year Chris has helped us look objectively at the businesses challenges, providing ideas and setting goals for the team. He’s helped us put in place a simple system of evaluting the important key factors to ensure we keep on track.

Joanne Robbins - 18th January 2018

Chris has brought a clarity and focus to the way I look at the business over the last year. He asks the key questions and his support and help has been instrumental in many of the improvements we’ve made. I’d highly recommend UK Business Mentoring to any business looking to improve any area of their business.

Robert Mezo - 12th January 2018

I started working with Joe Hinton 18 months ago and he has really helped me to analyse the business and put in key goals and structure allowing us to grow. He has helped me to define and identify areas for development and worked with me to establish formal plans to address any issues. His approach is very straight forward and the way he helps me to deconstruct key problems makes them seem easy to deal with. I highly recommend Joe as he has helped me to come to the right decision rather than defining what I should do.

Peter Slough - 12th May 2017

I am delighted that Chris May from UK Business Mentoring is working with me on an ongoing and regular basis.
Initially Chris completed an accurate and in depth analysis of me and my business taking time also to talk to the team here at Supreme Engraving and Awards UK.
Chris possesses a great deal of business experience and is a fantastic communicator, personable yet direct enough to tease out insightful information. His understanding of our unique position is reassuring, his recommendations and guidance timely and his opinion valued.
Having Chris on board alleviates pressure and adds considerable relative expertise. When not in the showroom/workshop with us we have access to his skills by phone. Chris is firmly helping me to drive myself and my business to where I want it to be.Chris has brought a clarity and focus to the way I look at the business over the last year. He asks the key questions and his support and help has been instrumental in many of the improvements we’ve made. I’d highly recommend UK Business Mentoring to any business looking to improve any area of their business.

Martin Worrow - 22nd February 2017

I invited Chris May to review our growing business, we were looking for someone who could give us an insight of our performance and mentor us to progress our recent success. Chris has been excellent at focusing us on understanding our business strengths and encouraging me to work more on the business rather than in the business, Chris has delivered an excellent programme to take us to a whole new level, we look forward to working together and exciting times ahead.

Jerome Leonard - 17th May 2016

Joe has a great ability to draw out the best in me by effectively holding up a “mirror” and asking challenging questions with great charm and tact. Getting me to self analyse, prioritise and take a step back has been a game changer. I would highly recommend Joe to even the most experienced business owner.

David Steedman - 29th February 2016