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“Amazing! Would highly recommend UKBM, as a small business Paul’s support and mentorship has been invaluable. Paul has provided a consistent voice of reason along with a broad range of business knowledge and expertise to help develop and grow my business.”

Kathryn Slack
Manchester - 17th August 2021

“Anne Williams mentored provided me with insights and problem solving solutions. I found that her correspondence triggered my own resourcefulness. Indeed we have definitely chartered a way forward.”

Leslie McDoolley
Uxbridge - 30th June 2021

“Blooming marvellous! Nigel Browne opened my eyes to parts of my business that I’d left stuffed in a cupboard. After a couple of months of mentoring, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and a solid way forward. Business is not my thing at all, and I’ve actively avoided mentoring or coaching but I’m so incredibly glad I talked to Nigel — he points me in the right direction when I get myself in a spin.”

Lucy Cripps
Bristol - 10th August 2021

“I have been working with Anne Williams to get my confidence back up and guide me to be a better boss. She has helped me so much in such a short time that I cannot recommend her enough. From helping me decide on tough discussions, to opening her business contacts to help improve the business, Anne Williams is a great mentor!”

Siaan Harding
Amersham - 11th May 2021

“I have known Nigel since the first lockdown in the summer of 2020. I participated in his online live interview with another local business.

Nigel has quickly identified my strengths: my desire to effectively communicate with my own clients, my passion to support the needs of my students, my intention to offer a fair and affordable tuition rate, and my eagerness to learn new things. He has encouraged me to use these strengths as tools to help myself in better understanding how to pinpoint my own weaknesses in my business, with his guidance, yet without judgement or criticism.

The value that Nigel offers is truly priceless. I highly recommend any business owner to get in touch with him to see what he can do to help you and your business grow beyond your wildest dreams.”

Joanna Xylas
Bristol - 1st June 2021

“I met Chris purely by chance, attending a HSBC seminar. I felt engaged straight away, the points he discussed resonated with me and I instantly made contact. I didn’t sign up right away but Chris kept in contact with me at the start of the pandemic and gave me tips on how to keep focused, positive and communicate with the staff. After this I signed up, we have conducted a business review which highlighted areas of the business that need working on and improving, he helped with the strategy I want to implement and is now working with my heads of departments across the company to improve their management skill, organisation and communication.

Not only the above but Chris is a good guy and in my opinion you want to work with good people that add something to the company. I’d recommend anyone who is interested to get in contact and give Chris a go.”

Paul Lochhead
Royston - 27th April 2021

“I have worked with Nigel over the last couple of years. We both know how important honesty is in business, both with yourself and business partners. You may not agree with what he has to say. Nigel will help you clarify that which is most important, he too will congratulate and confirm your decisions, but question those that need more thought. It's good to know you can get a reality check from someone who only wants your success because it’s his too. Jacqui Seager Director of Amvill Technologies.”

Jacqui Seager
Sutton Valence - 27th April 2021

“Following a very useful webinar, I had a 1-2-1 mentoring session with Graham Ballantyne. He was friendly, professional and very easy to talk to about my business. He gave me clarification on the issues I was concerned about and gave me a lot of guidance and advice to help me progress my business. Talking to someone outside of my immediate business was incredibly useful as he was able to look at things from a different perspective and gave me some ‘out of the box’ suggestions that will definitely be looked at. I anticipate working with Graham in the future. Highly recommended.”

Klair Price
Abingdon - 8th April 2021

“I had an initial 1-1 with Graham Ballantyne and he could not have been more insightful nor helpful. I felt that he understood my issues very quickly and was able to suggest some practical and appropriate options to enable me to move forward. I look forward to working with Graham again soon.”

Stephen Spencer
Abingdon - 8th April 2021

“Paul Clarke of UKBM has been assisting Safer Sphere over a 2 year period. Paul’s support to me personally as a business owner has been invaluable and he is now working with our senior leadership team on their development and the business development. He has helped us immensely.”

Mike Forsyth
St. Helens - 17th March 2021

“Having worked with Anne Williams for only three months I’m astounded at the progress we’ve made already. In a short space of time Anne has broken down my challenges into manageable pieces for me to tackle and we’re certainly making headway. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional but human at the same time and makes no judgement which is refreshing.

Her great sense of humour certainly helps too! It’s been brilliant to have a fresh set of eyes over the business. As someone without a management team it can be lonely so I’m truly grateful to have Anne’s support to offload and share ideas/concerns with. I’m already excited to see the difference we can make together as the year progresses. Highly recommend.”

Lauren Hopkins
Maidenhead - 5th February 2021

“Jim gave an in depth analysis of my business plan, branding and marketing. He strategically took me through my negatives and positives that intrinsically and extrinsically have been affecting my business. Jim focuses on what needs to be covered in a session rather than trying to just fill a space of time. He’s also Fantastic with numbers and made me see how big or small my profits margins were which is excellent of your not so good at number crunching.

He was also extremely patient with me and very polite courteous and I felt that he wanted me to succeed and see that change within me and the business. I highly recommend Jim for mentoring for any start up or any business that’s struggling right now with the pandemic getting back up and starting to relaunch and rebrand. Thank you For all your help and encouragement Jim. I really appreciate it. ”

Jade Buck
Chelsea - 2nd March 2021

“Big thanks to Joe Hinton for his support during the time of running my business (cafe). After meeting Joe at a Natwest Business event, he gave me guidance in the early setting up stages and years later also helped with my business exit. A really approachable, knowledgeable and genuine person and I’m very grateful to have had his help. Would highly recommend working with Joe and UK Business Mentoring!”

Hana Jowitt
Streatham - 23rd February 2021

“Chris May has been an absolute inspiration to work with. He has helped me to develop my financial services business and we continue to work together as the business changes and develops. Importantly for me, having a business mentor has helped me to plan my personal goals and aspirations as well as my business future. The impact of having Chris onboard has been immense. For anyone out there thinking about a business mentor, I highly recommend you call UK Business Mentoring. ”

Jack Neale
Canterbury - 23rd February 2021

“I had the pleasure of working with Anne Williams, she was amazing and really helped me. Anne was so insightful and gave me helpful advice about my website and business and also new ideas. The sessions were so good and I do feel I made a lot of progress getting things sorted. She also stopped me from future mistakes which I would have made without knowing. Anne is so funny and friendly and really easy to talk to and ask questions without ever making me feel stupid to ask. Such a great service, so grateful for all the advice.”

Miss Ruth
Fleet - 23rd February 2021

“Graham Ballantyne is a fantastic mentor who understood the goals I have for my business and the various growth ideas I have and helped me make sense of each of them, as well as shared with me lots of golden nuggets to reflect on and implement. I am very grateful to Graham for his time and expertise and I recommend him as a business mentor for any clarity or direction you need in your business/projects.”

Iulia Costinescu
Thame - 23rd February 2021

“I have been extremely fortunate to have had Jim Gorrie from UK Business Mentoring expertise and support in developing Book A Bar and mentoring myself in order to grow and improve my business. I could not recommend Jim any more highly if you are looking to diversify and expand your business, or even if you just need some knowledgable and professional advice.”

Byron Bovis
Rochester - 5th February 2021

“I cannot thank UK Business Mentoring enough – especially our mentor – Paul Clarke. From the moment we met at a seminar, Paul could see how frustrated I was as a business owner and talked me through a number of ideas to help me along. Since then we meet up once a month on so many different topics. Paul is a great help and is at the end of the phone or email with immediate help and advise. I would not hesitate to recommend UK Business Mentoring if you own or run a business. ”

Martin Flynn
Stockport - 17th March 2021

“Chris at UK Business Mentoring has been supporting me over the past year with the development of our company. I have found his advise and our time together to be extremely beneficial and professional.”

Calvin Williams
Reading - 2nd March 2021

“I’ve been mentored by business mentor Graham Ballantyne for nearly a year now, and it’s been transformational. When I started, I had no idea what kind of business I wanted, but with Graham’s guidance, I’ve developed a service that I’m talking to clients all over the country. There are no shortcuts to success, but a good mentor comes pretty close.”

Ian Edwards
Solihull West Midlands - 22nd December 2020

“Business mentor Joe at UKBM, has been fantastic and really helped us at Cullens Clearances Ltd to boost our business performance by having a fresh set of experienced eyes look outside the box. Joe at UKBM has given us direction in the business and improved our bottom line.

We were very sceptical at first when we made our initial enquiry in December 2019 but we are glad we picked up the phone as it was the best thing we’ve done for the business, we are one year down the line and we are still happy having Joe work with us to help not just grow our business but improve our personal way of life by taking that little unnecessary stress away that comes part and parcel with running a small business. Derrick and Emma Cullens Clearances Ltd.”

Derrick and Emma
Mitcham - 17th December 2020

“Nigel Browne has helped me break down some of the fundamental basics of my marketing strategy for my business. Helping me piece it back together again, slowly but surely, I feel more confident after every step. Thank you!”

Becky Khalil
Brighton - 10th December 2020

“Nigel Browne has helped me put things in place that were missing in our organisation. Really helpful and always available and prompt.”

Greater K
Haslemere - 10th December 2020

“The guidance, help and support provided by Chris May and UK Business Mentoring has been invaluable to our business. Chris has helped us to redefine the way we look at our business and its structure which is now starting to provide the business with greatly improved systems, direction and a much stronger platform enabling us to move and grow the business in a controlled and sustainable way.”

Alex Osborn
Haverhill - 10th December 2020

“The Work: To provide mentoring, coaching and business advice, support and guidance in personnel, business, marketing, and self-management.

The Cost: The service has been very cost effective and far less than many coaching organisations encountered previously, with understanding, compassion and concessions offered through the tougher periods of recent times. This was unexpected and allowed the service, value and relationship to continue when in the past, working with other coaching organisations, I would have had to stop. For this reason alone, I would recommend UK business mentoring above all others.

The Service Delivery: In terms of manner and approach Chris May is the best of mentors, with the perfect blend of friendliness and approachability, but also in holding me to account, asking the pertinent questions and challenging thoughtful reflection into better actions, decisions and practices. The regular meetings, these days via M-Teams works very well and the time is always valuable and ensures renewed impetus, momentum, and hope of better times from making the changes and thinking more strategically.

The Overall Experience: Clearly Chris May is a very experienced man of business, and an amazing talent for communication, and leading his clients to see the light – discovering the answers for themselves, through his ability to illuminate the pathway to success. I was a tough client because I had already had 10 years of coaching via Action Coach, and after the last recession, I could no longer afford them, so my view of coaching was a little jaundiced to say the least, but I knew I needed some informed support.

I met Chris at an HSBC bank training event and was impressed by his presentation and insights. Chris is really good at asking seriously searching and pertinent questions that ensure great answers and these lead to better decisions and actions than I would have achieved on my own. The results then followed. Chris ensures a rounded focus on different facets of the business in turn, with incremental improvements that start to work speedily. It wasn’t long before the business responded to the new initiatives in an ever more positive way. There were of course unexpected events and challenges along the way, not least with Covid19 with lock-down etc, and then too with key staff leaving, but doing the right things, incrementally, under Chris’s guidance and assurance, we got through the tougher times and continued to make improvements, which together have made a massive difference. I now feel that we have the right team on the bus, that we are marketing enough to keep the business flowing in, managing the client relationships to ensure growth and consistency of business. We also have the right management (numbers) information now to ensure predictable results and the right information to inform decision making. Chris has ensured that I am using my time more effectively, more focussed, and organised than ever before. This has had a knock on to the way others conduct themselves and the business feels tighter and better run, and more in control. We have good numbers and systems of production, and we are working on our key roles to ensure cover and no issues in the event of people leaving. We are meeting our deadlines and client expectations consistently. This is all down to the consistent coaching and the way Chris holds me to account – ensuring the right pressure is exerted when needed but having the grace to give some things the time they need for me to make the changes in the right way for me and my business. It’s a fact that even the very top sports people need a coach, and finding the right coach is essential to see your blind spots, ensure that you make the changes you need to in yourself, in the business, and in the way things are done. That’s why I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to any business manager. If you want better results that can be actually measured, then Chris will get you there.”

James Blake
Bury St. Edmunds - 10th December 2020

“We met Chris May at a HSBC Seminar in Spring 2019 where he gave a presentation about business mentoring and what potential he could bring. His talk really impressed me and a lot of what he talked about I knew was missing from my business. I had found it very difficult to make these changes in the past and felt with Chris would be able to help me improve my business. I called Chris to discuss which was followed up with a morning visit, he offered a list of solutions – it was apparent I wouldn’t have had time to tackle this until the Winter period and so Chris came on board in January of this year (2020). With monthly visits from Chris, his professional guidance and achievable targets we have turned things around. The staff are much happier, there is a better atmosphere across the business and workshop staff have doubled their efficiency. We took the decision to remove a part of the business I had operated for years and give notice to leaseholders who had been with me for some time. Both were big changes but with Chris’ support and guidance, they have helped improve our business overall and I am very grateful for this.

Chris is flexible with his time and options and we have now moved to 6 weekly visits to keep the cost down. I can’t thank Chris enough for the help, support and guidance he has given us and we are now setting new targets for 2021 which I am excited about. Chris is very professional, but it feels like he has been part of the team for years. I would highly recommend his services.”

Peter Whieldon
Winchester - 10th December 2020

“We have worked with Graham Ballantyne for nearly one year. As a small start up business, he has been invaluable in asking the right questions, making us focus on what is needed right now but also considering where we are heading as a business and what are our medium length and long term goals.

He has coped with a husband and wife team extremely well and considering we’ve been in unchartered territories Covid wise we have grown rapidly as a micro business and he gave extremely good support in how to be sensitive about our growth and how to talk about it. He has been a champion of our services and made us think about costs and revenue and how to add value added. Thank you. Highly recommended.”

Eva Rickett
Henley-on-Thames - 10th December 2020

“We have been working with business mentor Jim Gorrie now for about 5 weeks and in that short time, he has complacently changed my whole outlook on running a business/staff management.

People management and customer interactions have always been a struggle for me but now I feel confident and well prepared to deal with whatever comes my way. We are even planning on expanding again, something that used to fill me with dread, but now fills me with excitement. I can't thank Jim enough for what he has done for me and my company.”

John Bailey
Folkstone - 10th November 2020

“We have been working with business mentor Nigel for the last few months and have to stay that a steady, helpful and informative mentor has assisted in the choices that we are making. The depth of experience and the ability to challenge our thinking is one of the main reasons we would recommend UK Business Mentoring. For ourselves it is early days, but the value provided so far has been considerable and well worth the investment in time and money.”

Mr C Hill
Kenilworth - 10th November 2020

“We have been working with Business Mentor Graham Ballantyne, for 8 months now, he has breathed new life into our business, with ideas and business angles, never considered before, has done some terrific training sessions with our team, and I believe has helped me keep the business afloat, particularly through this terrible pandemic.”

Sharron Norman
Wokingham - 10th November 2020

“Paul started helping me when I was looking to recruit further support in the admin side in order to better utilise my own time.

His advice in changing our procedures allowed me to spend more time looking at the bigger picture. We put various tracking initiatives in to place in order to monitor the progress and status of the business. Following Covid lockdown, we are now working on a new marketing plan to increase sales again. Paul provides excellent support to assist in becoming a better business owner! ”

Nicky Morris
Blackpool - 13th October 2020

“Jim Gorrie was constantly available with value relevant advice as I transited from an event service related company decimated by the pandemic to consultancy-style organisation pinpointing innovative solutions to address rights-holders problems. Throughout he consistently encouraged me to raise the bar and to accelerate forward with innovative solutions now, rather than wait for the pandemic to end.”

Wyn Fanshawe
Sevenoaks - 13th October 2020

“I’ve been working with Chris for the past 18 months covering a variety of managerial topics. Chris’s approachable and consultative nature has made it easy to discuss a multitude of scenarios and identify solutions. Chris has been particularly helpful when analysing the business, and has acted as a sounding board whilst creating strategies.”

Mark Bradburn
Bracknell - 13th October 2020

“I have worked with Chris for over 1 year now. Chris has helped me identify key tasks that will help grow the business and put in measures to ensure they are monitored. Sometimes just having a 2nd opinion on an issue is valuable. Chris doesn’t just work 9-5, so if you have a eureka moment late at night, he will often be there to listen and offer support.”

Craig Manuel
Portsmouth - 13th October 2020

“Having ‘coached’ and been coached past lives I was pleasantly surprised and refreshed by the approach and ultimate value that working with Chris is bringing to both me and my business. Sound advice from a sensible head who just wants you to be the best you can be…”

Jon Odey
Bracknell - 13th October 2020

“Chris has been a great help to us over the last couple of years – when you’re running a small business, it’s easy to find yourself solely focused on what’s right in front of you, trying to keep on top of things from day to day. Chris brings a strategic clarity and accountability for longer term objectives that really helps us to lift our gaze to see the bigger picture and plan for the future. I can unreservedly recommend Chris to anybody wanting to take their business to the next level and beyond…”

Simon Billington
Lymington - 13th October 2020

“I have received help and advice from Graham during the pandemic for our business Kite Creative. He is a very approachable straight talking man who is very knowledgeable about the local economy and businesses. Would definitely recommend to other businesses looking for that 1-1 coaching help to grow their businesses.”

Helen Gordon
Wallingford - 10th July 2020

“Graham’s support and advice was so helpful during the Covid crisis. His patience and expertise were instrumental in us being able to access grant funding, as well as keeping up our morale. Running a business can be a lonely experience and it was just brilliant being able to talk things through. Thank you!”

Clare Holt
Abingdon - 10th July 2020

“Graham Ballantyne has been a pleasure to work with. As a startup business, he offered us guidance and support, along with some fresh views and ideas. His willingness to support his community goes above and beyond. Thank you Graham!”

Darren Townsend
Wallingford - 10th July 2020

“I have engaged Graham to deliver a mentoring service and workshops for local businesses over the last 18 months. It has been very rewarding seeing his positive impact on local SMEs and watching their growth and development after a few sessions with him.

I have consistently received positive feedback from businesses, including those which have had an hour mentoring session with Graham. His wealth of experience in the finance sector and pragmatic approach to starting and running a business makes him a successful mentor. I would recommend Graham to any businesses looking to fine tune or grow their business.”

Dr Melanie Smans
Abingdon - 10th July 2020

“We have worked closely with Paul for almost 2 yrs now and will continue to as we consider Paul a key part of the team in shaping, honing and growing the business. As with everything, it is results that count and the proof is in both the figures and the structure of the business. We have seen huge growth and importantly through working with Paul, the structure is in place to manage such growth and for the growth ahead. During the Covid Crisis, Paul has been available at all times and excellent with advice on the various government support schemes. A business is more than sales. Strategy, structure, planning, marketing, resource planning and many other areas are involved and often this is new territory. These are all areas where Paul has really added value, not to mention access to Paul’s contacts of expertise in many areas.

I would certainly recommend Paul. It is important not to think of it as a cost, but as an investment that will generate a return. Prior to working with Paul, I googled business mentoring and was surprised to find the almost every CEO of some of the largest companies attributed their success to having learnt from the best mentors in building their careers.”

Charlie Graybrook
Whitchurch - 10th July 2020

“I have been working with Chris for over a year now and he has moved me and my business from ‘okay’ to ‘great’. The increased profitability that has come from his inciteful comments is obvious to see in my accounts, but his work with me and my team goes beyond that. He has completely changed my approach to my business and how I manage my team so that we are stronger and much better placed to go on to bigger and better things, meaning the recent disruption became an opportunity to excel rather than a problem. I will continue to work with Chris to achieve the goals we have set and would highly recommend his services to anyone that thinks they could get more from themselves and their business.”

Peter O’Donnell
Maidstone - 17th June 2020

“I only started working with Jim Gorrie recently but he has been incredibly helpful and supportive, going above and beyond to find answers for me. It’s great to have support during difficult times, and Jim’s the sort of guy that you want to have your back!”

Sally Miles
Maidstone - 17th June 2020

“I have known Joe at UKBM for a number of years and he has offered sterling advice on a number of matters during that period, it was, therefore, a given that I contact him when I started my business. Joe introduced me to Brian and we have been working together for over a year I would urge anybody taking the plunge into business to consider using a mentor and UKBM in particular.”

Martin Simons
Islington - 17th June 2020

“We are a small electrical contracting business who found Paul through the FSB and his charity work, we built up a relationship before understanding he would be a great asset to grow and improve efficiency within the business. We are already feeling the positive effect of dealing with Paul is having, and at the same time he is an approachable and straightforward talking person, we are recommending his services to all of our contacts within the industry.”

Matthew Heaton
Tyldesley - 17th June 2020

“Consultancy is a much over a utilised term which to be fair should be the preserve of just the very few. Every day in business is different and the breadth of the daily challenge far from becoming less is now so much more. To keep you on the straight and narrow a critical as experienced Business Mentor could be just the ticket – all deserve First Class specialist guidance and encouragement so why not engage Nigel Browne to assist you in reaching your personally held commercial goals.”

Jolyon P Marshall
Henley-On-Thames - 18th May 2020

“For anyone running a business out there – I can’t tell you how valuable it is to have someone external to your organisation as a sounding board. Chris – who I work with – is supportive, caring and calmly holds me to account for the things I need to be doing. He is also excellent at helping me build structure and consistency.”

Lucinda Newbound
Amersham - 12th May 2020

“I have been incredibly busy and it is easy to lose sight of some of the key things that make the business a success. Paul Clarke has helped to provide laser focus on the business critical activities that lead to growth and profit and has been super easy to work with. It has been invaluable. Thanks, Paul!”

Mark Wiseman
Warrington - 14th April 2020

“Graham Ballantyne is a real blessing to my business. Within the first meeting, he had secured promotion on TV to help raise my profile, and formatted a watertight business plan for the following weeks. His business support is such a benefit and he genuinely wants to help you succeed.”

Tina Stubbs
Wokingham - 14th April 2020

“The work I’ve done with Paul in recent months has been invaluable, It has resulted in a meaningful impact on my personal development and my business.”

Duane Cormell
Altrincham - 14th April 2020

“Working with Chris over the past two years has been invaluable to me and the business. Having accountability keeps us focused and on track to achieving the personal and business goals we set. Having a professional peer outside of the business for me to discuss my ideas, concerns, struggles and achievements gives me the clarity and the drive to push our team and the business forward. By working together our team of advisers and product services continue to grow resulting in increased profitability and reward for all. Thank you Chris and I’m looking forward to our third successive year of working together. Helen Nichols, Special Projects, Mortgages by Moneybrain.”

Helen Nichols
Chatham - 14th April 2020

“Following business succession, we had ambitious goals that seemed quite out of our reach. We were introduced to Graham Ballantyne of UK Business Mentoring who has been instrumental in helping us establish a strategic and operational business growth plan. Graham really listens and understands our business and has worked with us to effectively steer us in the right direction. He has enabled us to look upon our business from a different perspective and challenge ourselves to take firm and positive steps towards our goal. Graham’s approachable manner, knowledge and support has made this a very exciting chapter for our business.”

Donna Rogers
Oxford - 14th April 2020

“I was introduced to Graham Ballantyne to assist me with my business. His extensive knowledge and breadth of financial experience are second to none. His mentoring style has uncovered areas that have opened up additional opportunities for my future growth objectives. He is also very well connected and has utilised his network to introduce me to key partners where there is a clear synergy. I highly recommend his services.”

Darren Evans
Wallingford - 10th March 2020

“Graham Ballantyne immediately made an impact on our business Space Store, when he started coaching us in Dec 2019. In fact, he helped us triple our revenue in the run up to Christmas! We have met a number of times to discuss finance and marketing. He provided our senior management team with customer service that we have adopted and rolled out across the company. Space Store is excited to continue working with Graham to make our business a success!”

Stephen Ringler
Didcot - 11th February 2020

“Joe has been mentoring us for just under a year now and the difference it has made to the business is incredible. UKBM go above and beyond to help businesses and I do not know how we survived without them. The knowledge levels and care are second to none and I look forward to working with Joe and UKBM for many years to come.”

Kay Gowrinath
Leatherhead - 11th February 2020

“We have worked with UKBM for many years now and have been really pleased with Joe’s approach, advice and help to shape and grow our business and assist us through some more challenging times. We honestly wouldn’t have achieved so much without Joe… Or at least it would have taken us longer to get there!”

Caroline Coskry
The Oracle Group - 9th January 2020

"I met Joe Hinton at an “Effective Tools to Grow Your Business” seminar that the UK Business Mentoring team were hosting in association with our bank Santander. I’d been invited by the bank’s Small Business Advisor, so thought I’d pop along to see what this was about. I must admit when I got to the venue and saw that it was hosted by a business mentoring company I was a bit sceptical but I decided to stick around for a bit to see what was on offer. I’m very glad I did. Joe’s presentation was really informative. He has a relaxed, intelligent style and comes across as really knowing his stuff.

It wasn’t one of those talks where much is hinted at but nothing is given, he was very open and generous with his knowledge and advice. He got the whole audience to engage and interact with a great balance of challenge and inclusion. At the end of the seminar, I could have left it there with a whole bag of tips and ideas that were really pertinent to our current business situation. I decided, however, to take Joe up on his offer of a free 1-to-1 mentoring session as I really did trust him.

Last week Joe came to visit me in my office and I can honestly say that this was a most productive two hours. Once again Joe did not hold back with his knowledge and there was never a hint of a hard sell. We are at a pivotal stage in our business and are about to employ our first apprentice, and Joe’s ability to cut through the noise and get us to focus on core areas to drive and grow our business is going to be invaluable I believe. Just being able to talk things through with someone of Joe’s experience is a massive advantage. Moving forward I can most definitely see us using UK Business Mentoring and Joe’s services to help us focus and grow. It will be money well spent."

Richard Harvey
10th December 2019

“Chris is a valuable member of our team, providing insight and impartial advice to our senior team.”

Michael Potter
10th December 2019

“Chris is an inspirational business coach who approaches issues in a focussed and structured manner. He constantly challenges me to get the very best from my business and recent performance is testament to this.”

Joe Morgan
10th December 2019

“I started to work with Paul a couple of years ago and he was a huge help in the advice and observations he made to improve the business. The business has since gone through some challenging times and during this period the support offered by Paul has been even more valuable. When things are harder the support becomes incredibly important and Paul’s experience and general advice had helped us come though the period and for me personally his support has gone beyond what you would normally expect to receive.”

Mike Braddock
10th December 2019

“Chris provides a service that is bespoke to my personal goals and the strategic goals of the business. He is fully immersed in the business and is, therefore, able to offer practical and appropriate advice. This comes with a monthly checklist of goals to achieve each time we meet up. If you need a mentor to  guide you through your business growth, Chris is your man.”

Trevor Davies
2nd July 2019

“Paul has, without doubt, had a positive impact on our business and has actually saved us money within the first month. Working with Paul has given us a real focus on the key areas and enabled us to get a tighter grip on the figures and a tighter control of our business. The relationship also enables us to have access to a level of experience and network of contacts that we simply wouldn’t have. We view Paul as the Board member couldn’t normally afford. Paul has and continues to help us shape the business to achieve our ambitions for the company. Highly recommended.”

Charlie Graybrook
1st March 2019

“I started using Paul Clark as a business mentor about a year ago as I felt I needed someone with a business background to talk to. I am so glad I did! Paul has been enormously helpful. My business has been going through a period of change and he has helped to support me through this. It is helpful just having someone to talk to who clarifies my ideas and helps me sort the good ideas from the bad. However, Paul has also made some very helpful suggestions which have helped me take my business to the next level. Thank you.”

Tessa Shepperson
1st March 2019

“I can't recommend Joe Hinton’s services enough. I run a business as a McKenzie Friend – a professional alternative to a solicitor in divorce finance and child care arrangements disputes in family courts (www. Mckenziefrienduk.Com). Joe is a fantastic active listener, empathetic, insightful, open and honest. He has really raised my aspirations and personal expectations of success by sharing his own life experiences and suggesting active ways to supercharge my business acumen. Thanks Joe!”

Graham Fletcher
14th February 2019

“Our business was introduced to Joe through Santander Bank after attending one of his great seminars. It was easy to identify with the hurdles and growing pains for a small business and with his help and monthly meetings, we can see the business growing from strength to strength. Not only are we able to focus on a strategy for the business, increasing our profit margins, Joe is also helping us develop personally to give us the confidence to make a difference and make things happen.”

Jennifer Adamthwait
8th February 2019

“Chris has been our business mentor for over a year now and the service he has provided us is fantastic. He has helped us become more focused and structured which has made our business grow from strength to strength. He has helped guide us through a number of challenges and his positivity always motivates us both after every meeting. I would strongly recommend Chris and UK Business Mentoring to any business owner wanting to push on to the next level.”

Daniel Slatter
20th January 2019

“We were introduced to Chris May this summer and I am so pleased we were introduced and even more so went ahead with his proposal. Our company at the time was suffering from a bad year financially, no structure and no real processes or systems and just general chaos. Chris identified and pinpointed the problems quickly and efficiently and put a plan in place to sort the most crucial items first. We have now been holding monthly meetings with Chris for four months and the difference in our company is amazing, we have all the above in hand and have structure. We all look forward to continued progress with Chris and seeing our business flourish.”

Luke Edwards
19th December 2018

“Chris and I have been working together for just under a year and during this period our income has increased by over 50%. The biggest reason for this success for Me is that we both agree on what we need to do and Chris then holds me to account, gives guidance, direction and structure to my business decisions.”

Kevin Martin
22nd November 2018

“I met Joe Hinton at a seminar where he had the audience engaged with his witty personality. I had previously used a business coach however liked Joe’s approach so decided to start a business relationship. Joe took the time to understand our business and made business simple again by breaking down our strategy into small sized chunks. Joe is highly recommended as a business coach.”

Kann Azmi
30th July 2018

“I was first introduced to Paul Clarke by our bank account manager at Santander. He was speaking at one of their events, and it really made sense in every aspect. As a physiotherapist with a thriving business, I actually thought ‘I know about business’.

After listening to Paul I soon realised I didn’t even know the basics – even as simple as a business plan. Apparently, a business plan isn’t a document you write when you first open a business to tick a box, then put it in a drawer never to be seen again! Paul has really helped take our business to the next level – we have clear goals, and importantly we know our numbers! Paul pays for himself through the business growth he has generated us.

He is honest, transparent and so confident in his services he doesn’t tie you into any sort of contract or long term commitment. I would recommend anybody to get in touch and have a no obligation chat to see how he can help grow your business.”

Rick Livesey
17th September 2018

“Chris provides our company with an exceptional service that we didn’t realise we required until we appointed his services.”

Mark Holden
2nd July 2018

“We’ve been working with Chris on a monthly basis since we met at the end of 2017. We have had experience of Business Consultants before but have felt that they haven’t really ‘got’ what we’re about or what we really need. Chris’s approach is different, he got to know us personally before even asking about our business. He remembers our key issues, holds us accountable to our promises in a firm but fair way. We have made so much progress with our biggest worries now under control with brilliant management tools in place. We cannot recommend UK Business Mentoring highly enough.”

Emma Davies
23rd June 2018

“Chris was exceptional. He carefully teased out pertinent information and summarised his findings with consideration and clarity. Highly recommended.”

Simon Pitts
13th March 2018

“We are a relatively young business with very little business experience. Chris May has really helped us to get focused, set our future goals and get back on track to where we need to be and with regular meetings, we’re able to track our progress and make sure we are staying on the right path to help our business succeed and grow. Highly recommended.”

Kate Higgs
5th March 2018

“We are a £15m turnover business with 85 employees and have recently completed a Management Buy Out. We engaged with Paul to help our director’s development in their new roles as well as the development of the strategy and wider business issues. I have found Paul’s help invaluable so far. His wealth of experience and his style of communicating makes it very easy for us to work. By challenging us and asking the right questions he has gained a good detailed understanding of the issues facing the business and has helped us to address these. I would highly recommend Paul and UK Business Mentoring to any business.”

Mike Braddock
31st January 2018

“Joe has a deep understanding of the business world. From day one he has gone out of his way to identify the intricacies of my business and the industry I work in and importantly understand what I do well and not so well as a manager and leader. Joe’s reassuring and confident manner coupled with his vast experience and passion for helping people improve, has helped create some great changes and results within my business in a relatively short space of time. Joe arms you with the confidence and tools to make these changes yourself. It is has been a pleasure working with Joe, I look forward to working with him long into the future.”

George Morris
29th January 2018

“During the last year, Chris has helped us look objectively at the businesses challenges, providing ideas and setting goals for the team. He’s helped us put in place a simple system of evaluating the important key factors to ensure we keep on track.”

Joanne Robbins
18th January 2018

“Chris has brought clarity and focus to the way I look at the business over the last year. He asks the key questions and his support and help has been instrumental in many of the improvements we’ve made. I’d highly recommend UK Business Mentoring to any business looking to improve any area of their business.”

Robert Mezo
12th January 2018

“I started working with Joe Hinton 18 months ago and he has really helped me to analyse the business and put in key goals and structure allowing us to grow. He has helped me to define and identify areas for development and worked with me to establish formal plans to address any issues. His approach is very straight forward and the way he helps me to deconstruct key problems makes them seem easy to deal with. I highly recommend Joe as he has helped me to come to the right decision rather than defining what I should do.”

Peter Slough
12th May 2017

“Joe has a great ability to draw out the best in me by effectively holding up a “mirror” and asking challenging questions with great charm and tact. Getting me to self analyse, prioritise and take a step back has been a game changer. I would highly recommend Joe to even the most experienced business owner.”

David Steedman
29th February 2016

“I invited Chris May to review our growing business, we were looking for someone who could give us an insight of our performance and mentor us to progress our recent success. Chris has been excellent at focusing us on understanding our business strengths and encouraging me to work more on the business rather than in the business, Chris has delivered an excellent programme to take us to a whole new level, we look forward to working together and exciting times ahead.”

Jerome Leonard
17th May 2016
We use to capture testimonials from our clients and are very proud of our No 1 rating in both the Business Coaching and Business Mentoring categories. Ninety percent of our clients rate us 5 out of 5 forservice and value.
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