Business Mentoring – Taking Control of Your Business Effectively

Business Mentoring – Take Control of Your Business

Ever felt like your business is running you?

No? Well done – stop reading!

Yes? Read on!

Business Coaching and Mentoring Action Plans

Why did you start your business?
Most owners have enormous passion for their product and service and above all want to be independent and enjoy the fruits of being self-employed.

The reality is quite often very different. We are often asked ”How can I feel more in control”?

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Maintain Control of your Company Focus – Zulu Business Model

There is no simple single answer but the recovery to regaining or indeed maintaining control can start with having a plan detailing specific actions.
We are not talking about a long winded plan or a full business plan but an action orientated plan focusing on the areas highlighted in our ‘Zulu Business Model’ shown below:

UK Business Mentors FREE Seminars London Hertfordshire Manchester Coaching Mentoring Surrey Bury Kings Lynn 2When we are working with a client, we help them to put together a simple plan addressing the above areas. The plan outlines the area to be worked on, key activities, when action is to be taken and most importantly who is going to do it. An example of a simple action plan covering marketing activity is shown below:

UK Business Mentors FREE Seminars London Hertfordshire Manchester Coaching Mentoring Surrey Bury Kings Lynn

So, start by putting together a plan similar to the one shown above, addressing the key areas you feel need tackling in your business.
The process of getting down on paper all the things that are maybe concerning you or giving you sleepless nights can be quite therapeutic on its own.

If you feel that you would welcome help constructing a plan or even identifying what the issues in your business are then why not take advantage of our complimentary mentoring session (which comes with absolutely no obligation) and sit down with one of our Business Mentors for an hour or two. That’s exactly what Richard did after attending one of our seminars, his story as told by himself is as follows:

Free Business Mentoring Seminars London Manchester UK Nationwide

Richard John Harvey – Managing Director
Pharian – IT Services and Support

“I met Joe Hinton at an “Effective Tools to Grow Your Business” seminar that the UK Business Mentoring team were hosting in association with our bank Santander. I’d been invited by the bank’s Small Business Advisor, so thought I’d pop along to see what this was about. I must admit when I got to the venue and saw that it was hosted by a business mentoring company, I was a bit sceptical but I decided to stick around for a bit to see what was on offer. I’m very glad I did. Joe’s presentation was really informative.

He has a relaxed, intelligent style and comes across as really knowing his stuff. It wasn’t one of those talks where much is hinted at, but nothing is given, he was very open and generous with his knowledge and advice. He got the whole audience to engage and interact with a great balance of challenge and inclusion. At the end of the seminar I could have left it there with a whole bag of tips and ideas that were really pertinent to our current business situation. I decided, however, to take Joe up on his offer of a free 1-to-1 mentoring session as I really did trust him.

Last week Joe came to visit me in my office, and I can honestly say that this was a most productive two hours. Once again Joe did not hold back with his knowledge and there was never a hint of a hard sell. We are at a pivotal stage in our business and are about to employ our first apprentice, and Joe’s ability to cut through the noise and get us to focus on core areas to drive and grow our business is going to be invaluable I believe. Just being able to talk things through with someone of Joe’s experience is a massive advantage.

Moving forward I can most definitely see us using UK Business Mentoring and Joe’s services to help us focus and grow. It will be money well spent”.

It really worked for Richard, what stops it working for you?

I am a business owner…and the King/Queen of my Business
(with sometimes a little help from my business mentor)

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