Not just about building walls

Ever get the feeling everyone else seems to get it right but you do not?

That you do not seem to make the most of opportunities when they present themselves and everyone else just makes it look easy? This is something I hear a lot from my Business Mentoring clients, but fear not – you can have this too!

The difference between these other people and you is down to being flexible when it comes to change. Changing approach should never be seen as a weakness but as the best way to future success – some leadership training even promotes it by stating ‘never change what you want – change how you get it’.

Do not think it is ever too late to change approach

Think about Lego… this well known and loved image of Danish design and innovation nearly failed some years ago because the leaders did not think computer games would ever take over from the traditional physical games, so they decided to keep doing what they had always done and as a result, sales started failing. By quickly changing strategy, fully embracing the new world, and making necessary investments, Lego came back and now we have Lego movies, Lego computer games and of course the brick is still around. You can have your photo taken at the store and get your set of bricks to assemble your photo – keeping the idea of the bricks, taking the creative process to a new level AND expanding your target age group (I am definitely no longer in the age group traditionally targeted for Lego bricks but I am definitely up for one of these sets!!).

I do not know if it was a mentor who changed Lego’s view of children’s play, but it does reflect part of the role of a Business Mentor, helping business owners to consider alternatives and evaluate the benefits and risks of different strategies.

It is also part of a Business Mentor’s role – to help keep your business ‘relevant’ and help you deal with any changes, always remembering that ‘Change is the only constant in life’.


Luck has nothing to do with success – good strategy and a flexible organisation does.