Are you winning or surviving?

You know that great feeling when you have succeeded in something?

The all-consuming sense of ‘I did it!’? It feels fantastic but have you also had the feeling of missing something when other people say to you ‘What an achievement’ but you do not feel it was anything special? The difference is between what we have aimed for and what we take for granted. If you work for yourself, this can have little to no impact on your business but when managing others this really matters. Success inspires and should be celebrated – when shared and felt within your business. This can drive your staff to strive for bigger and better and that will benefit your business. Win-win for business and people.

Business Plan

As a Business Mentor, part of my role is to help business owners keep on track with their plan, have you looked at your business plan recently? Is it up to date? Goals change over time as your business develops and your business strategy should change with it. If you do not have a clear idea of what the goals are for your business, how can your employees know? And if you do not know what success looks like for you, how can you communicate this and make it happen? Too many business owners write a business plan when they start. But then file the document away as it is believed this is just to get things going but used as a living document this will be the framework for your business.

Use a Business Mentor to decide what your goals are and help you with strategies to get there. The view of an objective outsider with an abundance of experience is invaluable and that’s what a Business Mentor brings to you and your business. It does not matter at what stage your business is at – having a health check on your business is always a good idea.

I offer a complimentary mentoring session, with absolutely no obligation or pressure which will give you that independent view and opinion of your business.  Feel free to get in touch to arrange a session.


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