‘I’m running a business; I don’t have time to develop….’

You’re running a business, balancing all the roles expected of you as a business owner

– technician, salesperson, marketing department, finances, HR, Customer Service… which takes all your time. You’re good at what you do, really good, but you’re frustrated. You are worried, even tired through all the work you’re doing. But the business isn’t growing or being as profitable as you’d like. This is where a Business Mentor, such as me, can be a great investment.




Well, as explained in the fantastic book ‘The E-Myth Revisited’ by Michael E. Gerber, business owners typically fail because they focus on their technical expertise (what they ‘do’) rather than on developing their business skills and knowledge. Typically, they do not fail because their product or service isn’t good. They fail because they don’t have the business skills to make the business prosper and be profitable.


So, if you know what hinders business owners, how can you significantly increase your chances of being successful?


It is key for any business owner to develop their skills in three areas – entrepreneur, manager and technician. The technician you should be on top of (although the ’10,000 hour’ rule should be observed – I’ll cover this in future) but learning the entrepreneur and manager skills takes time and moving outside your comfort zone. The good news is, when developed, the impact on your business, your customers, your staff and your work/life balance will be immense! This is where I come in. Based in Kent, I help provide the knowledge and experience to help you and your business be successful.


This is also why I’m currently running a series of webinars – to start to discuss the key areas business owners can find difficult and offer my support as a Business Mentor/Business Coach. In future blogs I’ll be growing on the topics raised in this piece, in the hope that business owners will recognise in themselves the need to change for their good and those around them and seek out the support to make them successful and happy business owners.


If you’d like to discuss any part of this piece, or if you’re fed up with being frustrated, worried or tired about your business please contact me and I’d love to explain how a Business Mentor can help you.


Jim Gorrie

Director & Business Mentor

Kent & Surrounding Areas