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London and Surrey Business Mentor – Joe Hinton

Joe Hinton is Managing Director & Founder of UK Business Mentoring (UKBM) a company formed in 2009

Key areas: London, Greater London, Surrey, Sussex

The business’s main objective is to provide help and support by mentoring and coaching business owners to enable them to improve performance and grow the business.

After a successful and varied thirty five year banking career which brought a broad range of experience in Leadership/People Management/Strategy/Sales and Marketing, based on the knowledge he had gained dealing with small to large businesses and his love of helping people to develop, Joe found his ‘Ikigai’ in business mentoring.

Joe’s experience working with businesses whilst in the banking world taught him that the vast majority of business owners needed help in one area or another.

UKBMs approach is novel and different to that of its competitors. Joe believes that there is no point in helping a business to prepare a plan for the future unless you know where it is now, what the start point is.

If a business has issues around processes, staff, leadership etc then these need to be dealt with before a business grows otherwise the growth will stall or falter.

Exclusive Zulu Business Model – Identify Areas For Improvement

To facilitate this, UKBM designed the ‘Zulu Business Model’, a method of undertaking a comprehensive review of a business to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business. Once this is completed and the results shared with the owner(s) a plan is drawn up to address any issues identified in the review. Once these areas are dealt with, a strategic plan is drawn up with the owner(s) to take the business forward to achieve whatever their goals are for the business.

Business Mentor Surrey London Joe Hinton

As mentors we support the owner(s) with the production of plans and also more importantly, the implementation. We meet with the directors/owners on a monthly basis to check on progress and discuss any issues/barriers that are hindering progress. Inbetween meetings we support with phone calls/emails as and when required.

In 2016 Joe decided that he wanted to grow his business and began franchising ‘UK Business Mentoring’. He now has a network of mentors across the UK all of whom are hand-picked having gone through a rigorous application selection process to ensure that not only does the individual have comprehensive business experience but also has the right personal attributes.

Why should a business owner use a mentor?

Well, quite simply there are numerous surveys that show that business owners who use a mentor values the support, advice and guidance they bring, and their businesses are more likely to succeed.

Why use a UKBM Business Mentor?

Our compelling competitive advantage (our USP) is as follows:

  1. We are the only firm using the comprehensive ‘Zulu Business Review’
  2. There is no long contract to enter into – use us as long as we add value to you or your business
  3. We have a no satisfaction, no invoice guarantee – basically if you don’t feel UKBM have added value then you are not expected to pay
  4. We are, based on our client’s feedback, rated No 1 Business Coaching and Mentoring firm in the UK
  5. We offer an initial free complimentary mentoring session so you can experience how this would feel

So, with existing clients giving glowing 5 star reviews, a free initial session, no contract and a money back guarantee why would you not want to try?

My personal guarantee to you is that you will find it of great benefit.

Joe Hinton
Managing Director & Founder

Contact me today to schedule your complimentory business review or call direct on my mobile 07739 041044

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Favourite Film: ‘Zulu’

Favourite book: ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ “Death ends a life, not a relationship. All the love you created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on- in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here.”

Favourite Quote: “Its desire not ability that determines our success” The late Richard Denny

Guilty Pleasure: Power Ballads