Chris grew up in and around the Surrey and Sussex area and has spent much of his working life in these areas before and after a ten-year stint working in London.

Chris has significant experience having held senior positions for over 25 years. He is recognised as an excellent coach.

He has clients all around Surrey and Sussex including Guildford, Godalming and Woking in Surrey, Horsham, Crawley, Brighton and Chichester in Sussex, Portsmouth and Southampton in Hampshire and Bournemouth in Dorset.

He has built a reputation for helping business owners to grow their businesses, improve their work/life balance and get the best out of their people.

Chris is ready to meet with and, or mentor, any business in the Surrey, Sussex and surrounding areas. Contact him now for a no-obligation discussion and he will help drive your business forward and increase your profits.

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  • “Chris May is a very experienced man of business and an amazing talent for communication, and leading his clients to see the light – discovering the answers for themselves, through his ability to illuminate the pathway to success. I was a tough client because I had already had 10 years of coaching via Action Coach, and after the last recession, I could no longer afford them, so my view of coaching was a little jaundiced, to say the least, but I knew I needed some informed support. I met Chris at an HSBC bank training event and was impressed by his presentation and insights.”

    James Blake of James Blake Associates
  • “Chris is really good at asking seriously searching and pertinent questions that ensure great answers and these lead to better decisions and actions than I would have achieved on my own. The results then followed. Chris ensures a rounded focus on different facets of the business in turn, with incremental improvements that start to work speedily. It wasn’t long before the business responded to the new initiatives in an ever more positive way.”

    James Blake of James Blake Associates
  • “There were, of course, unexpected events and challenges along the way, not least with Covid19 with lock-down etc, and then too with key staff leaving, but doing the right things, incrementally, under Chris’s guidance and assurance, we got through the tougher times and continued to make improvements, which together have made a massive difference. I now feel that we have the right team on the bus, that we are marketing enough to keep the business flowing in, managing the client relationships to ensure growth and consistency of business.”

    James Blake of James Blake Associates
  • “We also have the right management (numbers) information now to ensure predictable results and the right information to inform decision making. Chris has ensured that I am using my time more effectively, more focussed, and organised than ever before. This has had a knock on to the way others conduct themselves and the business feels tighter and better run and more in control. We have good numbers and systems of production, and we are working on our key roles to ensure cover and no issues in the event of people leaving.”

    James Blake of James Blake Associates
  • “We are meeting our deadlines and client expectations consistently. This is all down to the consistent coaching and the way Chris holds me to account – ensuring the right pressure is exerted when needed but having the grace to give some things the time they need for me to make the changes in the right way for me and my business. It’s a fact that even the very top sports people need a coach, and finding the right coach is essential to see your blind spots, ensure that you make the changes you need to in yourself, in the business, and in the way things are done.”

    James Blake of James Blake Associates
  • “That’s why I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to any business manager. If you want better results that can be actually measured, then Chris will get you there.”

    James Blake of James Blake Associates

    Benefits To Your Business

    Business Reviews

    Undertaking a review of your business starts with what’s your goal? Where do you want to take the business to? In the course of the review, we will look at over one hundred and fifty different areas of your business including structure, management, processes, marketing, financials and of course your people. We will then present the review to you (and co-directors if you wish) highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in the business together with our recommendations as to actions needed.

    Business Mentoring

    We like to describe ourselves as your ‘challenging friend’ someone who is on your side, to support, help and encourage you but who will also tell it to you straight. Our role is to enable you to achieve your goals and help along the way with any challenges or obstacles that come up on the journey. We work with a lot of our clients for years, some over ten years, they appreciate having the support of an experienced business person who is available to them to discuss issues of any nature.

    Strategic Planning

    For many business owners, strategic planning is something that they rarely seem to get around to. Our role here is to discuss and agree with you on what do you want from the business personally and what the business needs to achieve to enable that. Once we have the ‘Destination’ set, we can work with you to agree on how this should be achieved, what needs to be done, benchmarks to be achieved and an overall plan to monitor progress.

    Book your complimentary mentoring session

    If you are in Wokingham, Maidenhead, Windsor, Runnymede, Weybridge, Bracknell, Slough or the surrounding areas we will help you with whatever challenges your business faces. Whether that be around people management, financials, marketing or any other area. Ultimately we help you to grow, turnaround or prepare your business for a sale.
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