Who remembers a compass in the heel?

Now as a child in the 1960’s I can tell you that every kid in my class was nagging their parents for one thing to look cool. No, it wasn’t anything electric, no iPads, X-boxes, Play stations in those days, not even the latest import from America, a doll for boys called GI Joe!


This was a pair of shoes. So how did a pair of shoes, normally a boring necessity for young boys become such a ‘must have?’


Quite simply the manufacturers came up with something to attract their target market – soles with animal tracks moulded on to them to help the wearer identify different tracks. What could be more useful to a nine-year-old lad than being able to distinguish a fox track from a badger track?! But wait there’s more, there was also a small compass fitted into the heel of the shoe, accessed by a small flap in the lining under the heel ensuring you always knew north from south and could always find your way home from whatever adventure you had been on that day!

Now it has to be said there were certain design faults, the tracks quickly wore away and when you wanted to check an animal track you had to bend your leg up and strain to see the tracks which of course were normally covered in mud. In addition, the compass got fogged up easily, probably from the amount of sweat produced by nine years olds feet, and therefore difficult to read.

However, despite all of this the shoes became a best seller, aided by the fact that a lot of boys were cub scouts at the time and if you didn’t have a pair of Wayfinder animal track shoes and a sheath knife on your belt your credibility was shot. Sending your nine-year-old off with a six-inch bladed knife once a week or for a weekend camp, oh how times have changed– the good old days!


The point is that Wayfinder created a ‘Compelling Competitive Advantage’ (CCA) they were the only shoe manufacturer at the time who were selling young boys the dream of adventure and something akin to becoming a kind of James Bond with a compass hidden in your shoe.


As a Business Mentor, when working with clients, I am always looking to help the owner(s) identify what their businesses CCA is, what is it that stands their business out above and beyond the competition?

Sometimes it’s not always obvious and needs some thought and discussion, sometimes the business has one but they are not using it to give their business a ‘marketing edge’.


Here at UK Business Mentoring our CCA is as follows:


  • No long contracts to enter into
  • A satisfaction or money back pledge
  • Our unique Zulu Business model to assess a business
  • Rated No 1 in the UK by our clients


So, what’s your Compelling Competitive Advantage?


If you need some help identifying what it is or could be, then why not take up our offer of a Complimentary Mentoring Session with one of our experienced Business Mentors– absolutely no obligation and I guarantee you will find it useful.