Is your succession ready to succeed?

Before I start….

Yes I know we didn’t win the final but our journey has been recognised as a succes. As one of the fortunate ones in the stadium for the final I certainly regarded the team and Gareth as a success.


Gareth’s leadership qualities have shone through as have some of his senior players.


Gareth though when appointed was not a popular choice-so why did they get this appointment so right?


Maybe it was his extensive work within the under 21’s set up and knowledge of international tournaments?


I work as a Business Mentor in the North of England with many business owners who have experienced significant growth. This places different demands on the business owner and a different skill set required.

We work on the WHY they started the business. All the time-their purpose and then on where they want to be in a number of years’ time. And most importantly getting the business to operate WITHOUT the business owner. YES I said WITHOUT.

Now for those owners reading this saying why would I want not to be working in my business, I enjoy what I do… I am not saying this must stop, what I am saying is you then have choice.

You also have SUCCESSION to run the company whilst away. The value of your business will have increased for any potential buyer or investor.


Are you a business owner who cannot switch off on holiday even though you want to but can’t because of the constant emails or calls?

It’s the same thing.

I look to systemise all parts of the business with my North of England business clients and owners and then we work on succession.

Recently for a client we have working on a general manager recruitment, induction, 6 month development which has been so successful the business is operating with much less day to day management from the owner who is planning now further ahead. Another business owner client has recruited several key positions including a Sales and Marketing director. We have worked on building the team and set individual development programmes plus team activities-great results but again the same impact on the Business Owner reducing the business dependency.


So, are you ready to bring in your Gareth Southgate or who in your organisation can step up-is your structure right?


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