How to choose the right mentor for you?

Have you ever had the feeling that if only someone would tell me if what I am doing is right, the decision to go ahead would be easier to make?


That is one area of your business a Business Mentor can help you with but how do you go about finding the right one? Whether we like it or not, business is mainly personal, and we tend to buy from people we like so a personal fit with your Business Mentor is a good place to start. Look at the mentor’s engagement with you; make sure you are being listened to and not sold to. A good Business Mentor will be challenging you and questioning details in your business, but this is part of the process – being that objective point of view which is what you and your business needs to move on towards the goals you have set. It is also through these questions and probes that the mentor or coach will work on the advice and guidance to help you achieve what you set out to gain.

‘Target Market’

When I set out to become a Business Mentor, I worked to identify the businesses that would be my ‘Target Market’ and whilst I was looking at company size, staffing levels and age of business etc., I did not consider my own gender or that of the business owner. However, what has become apparent to me is that some people prefer dealing with a male Business Mentor and some a female and that clearly matters when making your choice. So, when considering a Business Mentor for your business, do not just consider the above, price and location – there are many other aspects that are important to choosing the Business mentor that will work for you.


To find out whether I may be right for you why not take up the offer of a complimentary mentoring session so you can experience a mentoring session and see how it would benefit you and your business.


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