The PROCESS of Business and Life

Do you work to live, or live to work- the aim is always the latter but seldom few achieve this, and many are frustrated with their business or job? A wise person told me on my first day working as a sixteen years old (very many years ago!), Paul…when you retire say age sixty, at that stage of your life you will have worked for two thirds of your life…..he hesitated and then said, please think carefully and don’t moan and don’t have regrets…you control your destiny always.


Now everything doesn’t go our way and certainly for many business owners recently with Covid 19 they have faced significant challenges. However, some owners have taken this as an opportunity to review their business and key processes and are now reaping the benefits.


One of my business mentor customers in the North of England looked specifically at his manufacturing and warehouse process and capability, together with the end of end customer journey and software support tools available and has doubled his turnover if not trebled whilst making the business less reliant on the two directors, who have recently had three weeks holiday. As his Business Mentor, we worked through these key processes, to review what can be automated, the benefits of each stages of the process, the impact on customers or interruption and finally what could be improved. The results have been significant, and I have seen this in a number of my other business mentoring customers around the greater Manchester area and Cheshire.


I use the following when considering process improvements: –

P          -Prioritise your top 3 processes in your Business

R         -Reality, what is happening now

O         -Open to change

C         -Challenge yourself to improve/simplify/automate

E          -Explore options

S          -Staff engagement and support

S          -Steps taken to improve process


Remember if you figured it all out today, what would be the point of tomorrow…enjoy the process of being a work in progress!!