What is your strategy for changing priorities?

The last 12 months have caused many people and business owners to rethink their priorities

As a Business Mentor in your local area, I am seeing an increase of enquiries focussing on change in individual businesses. Many of the changes made since the beginning of lockdown have been aimed at short term fixes. However with many of the changes needing to be permanent, this means yet another transition period.

There is no set template for going through such a change and the human element is a vast proportion of this. Therefore, it must be a key focus. For a business owner, this means a new balancing act between keeping employees safe and motivated and keeping the wheels in motion to secure sales. Often the business owner neglects thinking of themselves. This can be dangerous as a business will always rely heavily on its leadership.

Most business analysts will tell you that the next 12 months will bring more change. This is because we are still not certain how the virus is evolving and the impact of the vaccine. However one thing is certain; we do need our businesses.

As a Business Mentor, I focus on helping the business owner develop a strategy for effectively managing the business and to achieve the goals set for the future. Together we will look at all the variables within the business and ensure each is flexible enough to cope with changes. A flexible organisation makes a strong organisation, and the result is happy staff, solid bottom line and happy business owner.

Mentoring is not only for situations where an issue has occurred; it is also valuable in situations where it helps to have a different perspective. The support and guidance helps your business grow and you will benefit from the insights. I invite you for a complimentary mentoring session where we can discuss your business and prospects and I will outline a strategy for getting there.


Anne Williams

Director & Business Mentor

Wokingham, Maidenhead, Windsor, Runnymede, Weybridge, Bracknell, Slough



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