Why a Business mentor is not for you.

You are an established business now, most of you will be aged between 45 and 65.

You don’t want to read about all the things that have brought you that success do you, because you have heard it all before. And are already doing it. So, this Business Mentors script is going to read like a trip down memory lane for you.

Sales and marketing

You will have a very slick machine organised by now, taking all the recent digital channels into consideration. You know your audience’s demographics and psychographics and have tailored your marketing to suit. You will have good sound SEO in place and tracking systems for your new prospects. You will have at least 5 different ways you are trying to attract new business. You will have a system in place trying to increase your average selling price per customer. You are leveraging digital media through videos and content sharing. New business is just queueing up.

Business Financials

The Business financials are close to your heart. With monthly management accounts, cashflow forecasts, along with a range of KPI’S to monitor performance. You will review all these briefly per month and share with your management team or partners. Know your budgets for each area of the business along with its return on your investment in each case.

Management team

A sound and solid structure is in place. People you absolutely rely on, people you trust to deliver your vision to deliver the promise. A team that compliment you a team who are better at their jobs than you ever could be. You have managed to surround yourself with others who share your dreams. Your team look up to you as their leader respect you and deliver consistently. They bring an expanded agenda to the board room adding a deeper dimension to the business. They are the drivers now of course; they are the future the legacy.


You have such a good management team in place you only need to check in to the office a few times a day. You are left alone from the daily noise to concentrate on growing the business being the entrepreneur you always were. Seeking out new opportunities and revenue streams for the continued success of the business. It is the balance you always dreamed of financial security time with your family and friends and a weekend full of hobbies. It’s going so well you have even planned what the future looks like.

Exiting the business.

You have thought this through you have spent a year planning everything getting the business prepared for you eventual exit. A strong management team in place, contracts, targets, iso 9000, growing business year on you with a tidy profit to report. Recurring revenue streams and plenty of new prospects lined up. Your data room is complete, and you are ready to engage with a sales specialist. Oh, and the deposit is paid on the luxury villa you always promised yourself.

If that is your business, great job, you have built a strong business and have done well. If only some of this sounds like your business then As a Business mentor maybe I can help you?

One of my complimentary mentoring sessions is a great opportunity to share your frustrations. At the same time it gives you a chance to see if Business mentoring may or may not be for you.


Mark Roblett

Director & Business Mentor


Mobile: 07711018897 Email: mark@ukbusinessmentoring.co.uk



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