Mentoring – natural ability or acquired skill?

In many business sectors people speak of accreditation to show their ability to undertake the job however how does this relate to mentoring?

If you look up the definition of a mentor, it is an experienced and trusted advisor. As suggests, there is no real course to show your capability.

Mentors are often confused with coaches. Who often have an area of specialism, hopefully linking back to what the coach has previously done as part of their career. A coach specialising in sales who has never actually fulfilled a sales role or run their own business where sales would be essential, would not be a great advert for a sales coach.

Business mentors are slightly different

As it provides an all-round approach which is important distinction. That is not to say that if you are experiencing a specific challenge within your organisation with sales and promotions, a mentor could not help. We can but the approach is different. It will look at the wider implications of having this challenge and not just fixing your sales approach. This is part of the reason why a coach will often have a set programme over a given time frame. Whereas a business mentor will be there when your business needs the support.

I am proud to be supporting businesses across Berkshire. I am always ready to provide a complimentary session to explore challenges and dreams within any business segment.

A different perspective is always valuable especially when provided by a Business Mentor with your best interests at the forefront of every action. Mentoring is not only for situations where an issue has occurred; it is also valuable in situations where it helps to have a different perspective. The support and guidance help your business grow and you will benefit from the insights.


Anne Williams

Director & Business Mentor

Wokingham, Maidenhead, Windsor, Runnymede, Weybridge, Bracknell, Slough


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