Mission and Vision

As a Business Mentor, I am in the lucky position that I get to hear about people’s passion for business

And the very varied ideas this can bring. One of the reasons I became a business mentor was to be more exposed to these dreams and visions as I find them fascinating.

In the corporate world where I had most of my career till date, these dreams and visions are not as frequent as when dealing with smaller businesses. Not to say there is no vision within larger companies. Because that is the main reason, they have grown to the size they are! But the passion within smaller businesses often stems from a personal wish to make something better.

Very occasionally, I am confronted with ideas for start-up businesses where the mission is missing. This can cause business owners to start reconsidering whether to set up a business.

During a recent complimentary session with a client

I found the person had started a course dealing with the subject she wanted to start a business in. However suddenly found herself stuck due to feeling overwhelmed. She is passionate about the subject and helping people but the ‘how’ was too much. We started going through the different areas and she is now starting by offering free consultations to people in the area.

The aim is to get her comfortable with ‘how’ she is helping people. Then the business idea will start to take shape. She still has another year of course work so there is time. But it is important to deal with these limitations early otherwise they can hinder your future business.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed when thinking about starting a business then I invite you to take advantage of the complimentary mentoring session with myself. Over 1 ½ hours, we will review your vision and find the mission so your journey towards becoming a business owner does not seem so complicated.


Anne Williams

Director & Business Mentor

Wokingham, Maidenhead, Windsor, Runnymede, Weybridge, Bracknell, Slough



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