Features or benefits…and do you keep it simple?

I was recently watching the TV game show ‘The Million Pound Cube’ where contestants are faced with tasks and are given the option TO SIMPLIFY so that the task is made slightly easier. I also watched the recent government coronavirus briefing where the above slides were used as part of a larger pack.


  • Does this look easy to understand?
  • Could the message be simplified?


In my role as a Business Mentor, I commonly find when business owners or their staff are promoting their products/services, in their enthusiasm to sell, they provide lots of ‘features’. This often over complicates without detailing the clear USP of the product and indeed capturing the key benefits their product will have on the potential customer. If you look at the slide above-it all makes sense, but this was delivered as part of lots of detailed slides in a presentation and it is not that easy to read.

As a Business Mentor I work with many clients in Manchester and across the north of England, often simplifying the promotion of products whether on the website, promotional material and always how anybody pitches to prospects or clients. We often focus on customer fact finds-what information do you need to obtain BEFORE you start to discuss the product or service.


So, what does your fact find process look like?

Do you capture key contact information?

Do you capture customer’s needs/frustrations/problems that could be product trigger points ?

Do your questions start with a what, how, where, who, when and possibly why?

Do you constantly review and improve?


Then and only then can you start to talk about how your products add value and some or all of the features WILL benefit your prospect or client.

And once you have done a great job and converted the prospect to a client, please ensure their first experience with you is outstanding! What are your little touches, have you tested your process to ensure great service every time?

Once all this has been done what is your system for keeping in touch with your customer, gaining feedback and future opportunities?


‘Simplify, ask great questions and then keep in touch!’ – Business Mentor Manchester, Paul Clarke.