European Super League – Lessons learned for Business

Before I start, this blog is NOT about FOOTBALL

Nor mention of the EU and it is certainly not about hypocrisy…I just wanted to make that clear as there is enough debate currently happening. Especially in the North of England and in Manchester, where I am a business mentor and coach.


This blog is about LEADERSHIP as business owners and the skill of effective COMMUNICATION.


So, imagine you’re a senior member of a fast growing SME business, excited by the future and the part you play. You feel involved in the business plans, able to manage and coach your teams and communicate and motivate. You feel you are performing in your role and have interest to grow further with the business.

Then the business owner or board decides to go in a direction without communication or engagement of yourself and its customers. How do you react? What do you say to your customers, your staff? How do you conduct yourself? What questions would you want to ask and how would you ask these?


Now that is not the real purpose of this post…..


It’s the vantage point I wanted to focus on when, as a business owner you want to make CHANGE in your organisation. Nobody likes change or rarely people do, but change is inevitable. Again, I am not commenting about the ESL but quite often change is necessary for business growth and indeed staff growth.


Whilst business mentoring in the North of England, I look at systemising each part of my clients business and questioning WHY does this happen, WHAT are the risks/opportunities, HOW can this be automated or made easier for customers etc.


However, with CHANGE comes responsibility to COMMUNICATE effectively and ensure your staff are equipped with the right information. Explain the WHY first and then the WHAT & HOW.


Question- as a business owner what is the biggest change this year for you, your staff or customers and your business and are you driving it. Then what is the plan including communication and engagement


As I say….this blog is not about the ESL but about CHANGE and how as a business owner you drive innovation in your business and plans whilst keeping your staff and customers engaged. The business owners I have mentored have been very open to change and systemising their business and seen significant benefits.


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