Is your journey worth the effort?

21 years ago, before I became a Business Mentor, I packed 2 suitcases and took my seat on a bus from my home in Denmark to Amsterdam… 2 nights booked at Hotel Golden Tulip and otherwise no real idea of what laid ahead but excited about the journey. My goal was finding my place in the world and little did I know that the Netherlands was just my first stop. After several stops, planned moves and last-minute decisions, I have landed in Wokingham, Berkshire and my goal feels completed.

Think about running a business like a combination of lots of little journeys – some tend to take us down a path that we could never have imagined and lead to results that we could only dream of. Think back to projects you initiated, and which turned out to be successful – maybe even taking you by surprise just how successful they were? If you think about the process behind this project, I am certain you will find the common denominator for these projects is they all had a clearly defined outcome and this is the secret to a successful business journey – a clear outcome but being flexible about the journey of how to get it. Using all the strengths in your business to obtain the goal and finding room for improvement to enable future journeys; these are important learnings from any business journey. A Business Mentor might seem like a nice thing to have but having that support when initiating a project or wanting a change in your business, can be the difference between a successful journey or a tricky one.

It is the feeling of a plan coming together that is my driving force behind being a Business Mentor – when is it time for your next journey how can I help you?