Who makes you a good leader?

Thinking back to when you started your business, or maybe you are just starting one, who decided your leadership style?

When setting up a new business, advice from people in or out of business is never in short supply. Often it sets a standard for what it takes to be a good business leader. As a Business Mentor, I often see this style challenged when the business grows, and new skills are required to take the business to the next level.

What is the right kind of leadership and who determines this?

The answer is you do as a business owner. The business reflects your personality and is a part of you. People looking for employment often look at good leadership however what they are really looking for is working for a leader who has the same values they do. Authenticity is a key attribute that should be highlighted in your company’s values. And as all values, it is something that should be lived.

Often easier said than done

When a business owner and people being around you have ideas of what is a right or wrong way of managing a business. Self-doubt can set in and especially if you are a sole manager of a business. This is a situation where you as a business owner can also benefit from business mentoring. It offers advice and support from a person who have no other interest than what is best for you and your business. Different times with your business require different input. A Business Mentor can assist you when trying out new sides to your leadership style.

I am proud to be supporting businesses across Berkshire. I am always ready to provide a complimentary session to explore challenges and dreams within any business segment. A different perspective is always valuable. Especially when provided by a Business Mentor with your best interests at the forefront of every action.


Anne Williams

Director & Business Mentor

Wokingham, Maidenhead, Windsor, Runnymede, Weybridge, Bracknell, Slough



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