Are your goals aligned?

New year – new resolutions!


After the rollercoaster of 2020, we might find ourselves reusing some of the resolutions set out last year. We might not have gotten round to fulfilling them and that is not a problem. As a Business Mentor I know the importance of having clear Goals, but we often find they are hard to achieve. Is this because we are just being completely unrealistic or is there something else at stake here?


The most common missing link is between your personal goals and your business goals. And this is the same whether you are an employee, small business owner or running a multi-national. If your business and personal goals are not aligned, then you are much more likely to fail. Prove it, I hear you say – ok, here goes: You want to lose weight in the coming year. Sounds simple enough but it requires changes to diet and exercise and these changes take energy and time. If you run a business where you are the main point of contact, you may not have the energy or time to start setting up different meal plans and factor in time to do exercise. Unless of course you have combined this with goals for your business life. This may involve making changes to free up some of your time. For example by hiring additional staff or delegating some of your tasks which may involve providing additional training for staff.


A Business Mentor is here for you and your business because both are sides of the same coin and only by working in harmony will you reach your goals and full potential.


To discover more links between you and your business take up the offer of a complimentary mentoring session so you can experience a mentoring session and see what benefits it will bring.


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