What’s your plan for the future? Where are you taking your business?

As a Business mentor I see such a basic question get completely lost in the majority of owner managed businesses.

Have you ever really sat down and thought through how your business might look in 1, 3 even 5 years? It is so important to have a direction as a business owner. Not only does it help you focus on where you want the business to go, it is something you can share with everyone else who works for you. They can see the vision and the future and in turn watch their own journey unfold.

As a Business mentor its normally one of the first places I start with a client. Plans don’t need to be complicated, even the best executed plans never go exactly the way intended. But that isn’t the point. A plan is a route map to the next destination. It’s a vision of what you would like to happen in a set time frame. By writing it down it crystallises the process into something achievable.

How many times have you heard someone say I know exactly what I am doing its all in my head?

I understand that as well, as I have been guilty of precisely the same trait. However, it was when I started to write the things in my head down as a formulated objective, I noticed real change.  I would share those plans with all the people in my team that were going to get us there.

Which has just reminded me, I used to keep the agendas from our monthly management meetings in the bottom drawer of my desk. They were in effect the company’s plans being implemented every month. I would dig into them and read through each year during the Christmas break, when I was writing the business plan for the following year. It never ceased to amaze me how close to the reality of what had happened they were. I would read through and think yes, we did that, we got there, we won that, we increased that, we bought that etc etc. Its so easy to do and so effective. I can’t emphasise how powerful those plans can be when shared with your team. The transformation of adding a small amount of discipline to the process is perhaps not as exciting as a shinny new machine or a new customer. But its these small changes that are the difference between stagnation of your businesses and sustained growth.

Are you willing to try something new and different?

Why not share your frustrations with me on one of my complimentary mentoring sessions? I promise no hard selling just a good old fashioned conversation form a Business mentor who has been on your journey. Just drop me an email.


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