Are you the entrepreneur you thought you were?

I bet most of you business owners reading this assume that as you run a business, you’re an entrepreneur by default?

As a Business mentor I have a little surprise that says you probably aren’t. Statistics say you likely started your business because you were good at something and wanted a change from the status quo. You wanted to express yourself in the next stage of your life and your business was the vehicle for that. Most of you have probably done quite well over the years too. Growing your businesses employing others to help you build it.

The potential problem with that, statistically, is that it will run out of steam at some point without real change from the top. The person running the show will need to adapt, a different mindset to the one that got them where they are. To take the business further and to carry on growing will take a real change. Has your business sort of drifted along for the last few years and lost some of the sparkle it had in the past? Well, if it that resonates with you then we are on the same page.

Nobody is born an entrepreneur or visionary

(I know there may be some religious and philosophical debates around this) but we aren’t interested in going there, as business owners we are only interested in facts. So where are you on your journey? Some of you would have naturally made the transition without even knowing it. For your business to carry on growing beyond where it is you might want to consider adopting a different viewpoint to the past. If you are prepared to leave the technical stuff behind, then the potential can be quite large.

It won’t happen overnight, and you may well find yourself needing some external help to get you there. But it can be quite liberating searching out new and different ways to take your business forward. You will find yourself looking at things differently to the way you used to. It is precisely this vision and direction that a business needs to maintain an upward trajectory. Your role as an owner has now changed forever and for the better. You will have a new lease of life and so will the business.

There is one last thing you might be interested in…

By growing your revenues you are at the same time increasing the potential sale price of your business. Ultimately at some point you are going to want to take a back seat and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Well by default you have done that too, increased profits year on year will lead to a business worth more when you come to sell. What’s not to like about a change for the better?

If you would like to talk through your own business transition, why not take me up on a complimentary mentoring session. You will have an hour and a half of my time to help see the future in a different light through an experienced Business mentor.


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