Creative thinking within your business – how to keep coming up with ideas?

We are often being told in business the key ingredient to success is to keep your message fresh

And maintain the innovative spirit within the business. As a Business Mentor I appreciate how difficult it can be to constantly come up with exciting and creative ideas, so what does this mean for business owners?

Change Perceptions

One way to promote creativity within your business is to implement ways to change perceptions within your workforce. When perceptions take hold, you will start hearing phrases like ‘we have always done it this way’. The way to change perception is to bombard it with new information forcing the brain to regroup the information previously held.

As an example, I worked for a Dutch phone company years ago at their head office. The team I formed part of was responsible for the selection and promotion of goods and services across the phone stores. The company was very traditional and conservative in its business form. The most vibrant part of the phone shops was the company colour. We were stuck in our perception of what the store needed to attract customers.

Our boss took us on a road trip, and we made several stops at competing stores and the difference between our store setup and theirs were quite remarkable. The minute you came through the door you were bombarded with new products and introductory offers. Where in comparison our stores had traditional products at the front (these are the products the customers know they can get in our store) and offers were further in the store. The biggest difference was the number of customers and the excited buzz from them!

Releasing Creativity

The trip changed our perception of what a store such as ours should offer. It served as an inspiration for our team to improve the customer’s experience when coming to our store.

As business owners we often feel uncomfortable looking at how other people do business in a similar field to our own, but it is very educational. Combined with a review of the customer journey within your own business, it provides vital influences which can help us change our perception and release creativity.

If you are considering how a Business Mentor can support you in releasing creativity with a structured approach, please feel free to book a complimentary session with myself. We will talk through your plans and aspirations for your business and structure a plan with these in mind. Just contact me on the details below.


Anne Williams

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