When the only constant is change

Starting my own business at the end of last year raised eyebrows with people around me

And questions around the timing were plenty. Being a Business Mentor I knew this would not be ‘business as usual’ however my goal was clear, and I wanted to make my business a success. I clearly defined what success means to me and my strategies around achieving the goal could therefore be as flexible as they needed to be. The main consideration is the goal remains the same…the reverse of ‘the ends justify the end’.

The skill of a good Business mentor is not to identify what is not working, but providing advice and guidance on what can be done instead. A constructive relationship between business owner/senior leader and the mentor is elementary for a productive process. For smaller businesses, owners typically obtain feedback from their immediate surroundings. Larger organisations typically rely on their boards, however both organisation types can benefit from a mentor.

Often referred to as an ‘unreasonable friend’, a Business Mentor will challenge and support at the same time as not having a vested interest in the business. Here for the business but without being a part of it.

We support businesses of any size and across all industries and have already benefitted many businesses across Berkshire, where I am based. These times provide plenty of change and the task of remaining true to your goal can be difficult. If you are curious about the impact business mentoring can have on you and your business, then I invite you to a complimentary mentoring session with myself with no future obligation.

There is no set programme or contract; the service will be tailored to meet your business needs which we will identify together.


Anne Williams

Director & Business Mentor

Wokingham, Maidenhead, Windsor, Runnymede, Weybridge, Bracknell, Slough



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