Attracting new business is so easy when you know how

Disagree with me?

As a Business Mentor in Bromley, I would urge you look at all the millions of small medium and large businesses around the world that do just that. They have a person, a team, a division dedicated to generating regular new leads that can be converted into profitable sales.

“Yes, but they have huge resources” I hear you mutter. Remember there are millions of small companies sharing in that growth too. Companies with 6-20 employees going great guns, expanding fast, retaining existing clients and generating lots of new opportunities which means growth.

What is it that sets them apart?

Easy, the owners have got their head around Marketing and the Numbers. They know their target customers inside out. Not just what a target customer might be but their habits, their emotions the beneath the surface reason why we all buy things.

Now we have our audience, it helps us shape the way we attract them to our business. We will need to try new ideas, things that we are unfamiliar with. Then we record the results were getting. Now we are starting to see a pattern of where the newest business is coming from. Do we rest on our laurels now patting ourselves on the back for a job well done? Why of course not, that is just complacency. A Successful business keeps on doing what they have found brings success. With continuous tweaking reinventing things along the way and embracing change. Nothing kills of a of a business quicker than stagnation.

We are experiencing good growth and importantly, steady income streams now. Wow this is so much better than it used to be. We have our KPI’s (key performance indicators) lined up; we are measuring all the things in the business, we are checking our gross profit margins are consistent. At the same time perhaps, we are trying to increase our average sale price per customer. The pattern here should start to shine through. We have done nothing more than introduce measurable systems and processes to our previously chaotic existence.

Is this what is going to happen to your business now?

I really do hope so. Perhaps you need some support in getting your business to the next level. (many successful business owners do exactly that) That’s when the experience of a local Business mentor in Bromley can help.


Mark Roblett

Director & Business Mentor


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